Tools to Create Captivating Web Design

The importance of website design often times appears to be underestimated. Websites are essentially the great first impressions that companies need to make to potential customers. It goes without saying that a visually appealing website is more likely to make a positive association in the mind of a customer than an unorganized website. By understanding this, companies can appeal to their customers and make a greater impact on a psychological level. Here are the four greatest ways to appeal to customers psychologically through web design:

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Information about Google’s New Mobile Ad Format

Google announced recently this year a new mobile ad format to be displayed on all mobile devices that will affect its search engine results page (SERP). Google began displaying ads in the mobile search results pages that replaced a second line of ad text with ad extensions, such as location. Furthermore, Google may even go as far as eliminating the second line of the ad altogether without adding anything in its place. For the time being, Google will be serving both versions.

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You are invited: Exclusive event with Google Partners


Are you intereted in learning how you can build your small business online with Google and thrive? How about using smarter insights to better advertise your small business online? Branded Innovation has teamed up with Google to provide small businesses exclusive resources to succeed in the world of needing an online presence. Every business knows that being present online is crucial, but how do you know what to focus on when you have 50 million other things begging for your attention?  Cut to the chase and spend an hour with us learning from Google experts on how to thrive as a small business online.

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Establishing Personality and Engagement on a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is one of the best marketing tools that your business can have in its arsenal. Knowing how to establish personality and engagement on your company’s page can take it’s marketing power to a whole new level. Many companies make the mistake of treating their Facebook as a billboard and have neglected Facebook’s initial goal, community and connection. Here are seven tips on how to foster community and connection while establishing personality and engagement on your company’s Facebook page.

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Third-Party Tools for Twitter

Twitter has a huge steam of data that is constantly updated every second. In a day, there are about 55 million tweets and it can be difficult to stay on top of the rapidly constant stream of data. Using third party tools for Twitter can help organize and effectively manage multiple Twitter profiles or just one profile. With third-party tools, you can schedule tweets to go out at a later date and time while also being able to measure your Twitter analytics. Check out these apps that are the best for Twitter management.

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How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing are the two most important driving forces of your revenue machine. When they work closely together to deliver unifying messages to the customers, they bring even greater profits. These six essential steps here will help you align your sales and marketing, and coordinate multiple efforts to achieve the ultimate goal: revenue.

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Avoid Social Media Nightmares

While social media can provide great benefits for your brand, it can also destroy your brand all the same. Why do they call it a nightmare? A social media error can lead from slight embarrassment to absolute social humiliation in hours. And who has to clean up the mess? The PR departments. Here are a few tips to help you avoid any social media nightmares for your brand in the future.

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Ecommerce Tools to Increase Sales

E-commerce tools provide benefits for companies utilizing online networks in order to communicate, promote, optimize, and execute sales. Here are some of the tools to help your web store reach its maximum potential and perform a successful e-commerce campaign for your company.

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Creating an Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is still alive and well. Email is an important tool for creating lead and turning it into higher lead conversions that can increase sales and brand awareness for small business. One of the benefits of using an email service is to track what you gain and build relationship with prospects, leads, current customers, and past customers because it enables you to speak directly to them. Businesses should learn how to use email strategically and here is how you can create an email marketing plan.

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Five Key Principles to Build Your Brand

Your brand is the core of your business. It’s a promise to your customers that invokes powerful images, feelings, and expectations. With so much noises and increasing tactics to help you maintain such a promise, to name a few, email marketing, mobile marketing and social media, managing a brand has become a confusing task. However, no matter what tactics you use, you should not ignore the following five key principles to build your brand.

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