BuzzSumo: An Excellent Tool For Marketing Your Content

BuzzSumo: An Excellent Tool For Marketing Your Content

In trying to market your content, there are many ways to collect data and analyze the content that you find most important and social media impact. BuzzSumo, a new analytics tool, sets itself apart from the rest by providing an easy tool to discover ways to connect with certain audiences. Here are a few ways that BuzzSumo improves upon content analysis and data collection.

Content Collection and Inspiration

BuzzSumo allows you to find out which links are most popular on major social media for specific keywords and phrases. This allows the user to easily find out what type of content is trending and help supply popular topics that are related to your business. Knowing which links are popular allows you to know who your top competitors are and also how they are doing in comparison to you. You can also cater your content to mirror the popular content in order to “piggyback” and gain popularity for your content. This process of piggybacking is the easiest and fastest way to increase your website rank without breaking any ethical boundaries. Additionally, BuzzSumo helps create inspiration by allowing the user to analyze the similarities of the top shared content. For example, you can search for top words used in the most successful headlines directed towards your target audience.

Discover the Influencers and Follow Them
BuzzSumo also helps you pinpoint the most influential person in your field/business or for a specific keyword. The list of influencers can be sorted by follower count, relevance, domain authority, average retweets, and more. Having access to an influential organization or person can help you gauge what content they are paying attention to, and can also help you cultivate new content that caters to the content that the influential person is posting. Knowing the content that influential accounts are posting gives you an advantage by allowing you to have a “cheat-sheet” of what they find trustworthy.

In addition to all the tools offered, BuzzSumo also offers great user experience by providing a beautiful and simple website design that allows the user to know exactly what is going on with their accounts. Using the website is a straightforward process where the user can type in any keyword, phrase or URL that they want to analyze and within seconds, BuzzSumo provides organized data that is clear and concise.

Used the right way, BuzzSumo can be a powerful tool that enables you to do more work in a faster amount of time. Writing relevant topics will never be as daunting as it used to be with the implementation of BuzzSumo.


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