Facebook Factory: The Steps Behind Building the Perfect Facebook Page (Part 3)

Facebook Factory: The Steps Behind Building the Perfect Facebook Page (Part 3)

Finally, we have arrived at the fun part! In this blog we will talk about how companies currently use Facebook. Parts one and two of Facebook Factory mentioned how new Facebook features, and what they can be used for.

You can go to Part One here, and Part Two here.

Facebook has evolved from the simple social media engine to a billion dollar company. Now, we can use Facebook to make sure as many people as possible hear about your business and brand. However, with new improvement, status updates,once an integral part of Facebook, are losing life.

What other ways can we as marketers, Impact Viewers?

Make Sure to Publish Visual Content:
As pages become mostly visual, make sure your page prioritizes images and videos. Not only is visual content effective, but it is proven to engage viewers twice as much as other posts. In order to publish visual content effectively, make sure that your page uses larger images, that you post only your best visual content to Facebook page, and to always go above and beyond. Going above and beyond means turning original content into visual delight such as charts, photos, and visuals. The point of your page is to gain the viewers attention, so make sure a lot of work is put into it.


Always Edit Images You Use:
While this may seem obvious, many companies forget the importance of editing images. One thing to remember is to use only your best images, and to customize the way they look ( done by admin panel-> manage-> edit page). In addition, in the apps section, make sure to edit the image for every specific app, or upload a new image with 111 by 74 dimensions. Apps are essentially calls to action, so the better they look, the more attention they receive.


Highlight Best Posts:
Before even posting images, check to ensure everyone can view your page and post on your timeline. This can be checked by clicking Manage permissions on the admin panel. Another important step to take is to highlight posts which deserve prominent placement. These posts will receive the full width of the timeline, and you can do this by clicking on activity log-> Highlight on Timeline->star specific posts.


Pin New Promotions Every Seven Days:
What do pins do? Pins put selected content at the top of pages for seven days. Pins can be specifically used to anchor updates about promotions you want featured on top of your timeline, such as events, offers, and content, in order to make the content as visible as possible. Because the pins expire every 7 days, is it important to update them every week. You can do this by hovering over a story-> clicking on pencil icon-> press pin to top button.

Publish more than once a day!
Yes, we know, this takes a lot of work, but publishing once a day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Facebook is made up of over 800 million viewers, and all these viewers log in at different times of the day. Because you want your page to be seen by as many people as possible, it is important to post at least twice a day. If you are afraid of posting because you believe it might cause annoyance to viewers, studies have shown that with more published posts, pages have witnessed an increase, instead of decrease of fans and likes.

As the Facebook company itself continues to grow, new features will be regularly added or updated for the benefit of users. In order to stay above competition, staying informed and applying these changes can be the difference between a great and average page. Branded Innovation can help you with you social media today!

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