How to Market Your Business on StumbleUpon

How to Market Your Business on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon can be a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic if used correctly. Instead of cashing out big bucks to pay for an advertising campaign, spend $20 to ensure your investment will provide returns and then use these ideas to make StumbleUpon your next marketing platform.

One of the best ways to use StumbleUpon is as a resource- use it’s large database for demographic research and then cater your content around specific demographic preferences. Target the specific audiences based on the following variables:

• Target Demographics
Age and Gender
• Location
Countries, State/Province, City
• Internet Bundles
Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
• Precise Targeting
Based on Interest

In order to take advantage of StumbleUpon’s targeting feature, you will need to create content that works on this site. Similar to other popular sites, it is important to create content that readers can scan through and still get the gist of the information. Bulleted lists always make for great reads! Pictures are extremely important to StumbleUpon users. Maximize the sharing value of your content by inputting high quality, unique images that entice readers to share your information.

– For example, if you’re a travel company and create content such as “The 17 most beautiful places in the world to travel”, include a beautiful photo for each destination.

Another idea to find out the type of content you should be posting is to create a personal StumbleUpon account and to stumble through the topics that your business would be grouped in. This will give you a feel for what type of information is best to share and which will be stumbled-through without more than a glance.

Finally, optimize StumbleUpon by setting up paid advertising campaigns with the structure of $10 spread out over two days, for a total of a $20 investment. This paid feature will present a sample size of stumblers that will enable you to know whether the content you’re posting is well suited for StumbleUpon. Furthermore, by spreading out the campaign across two days, you can account for external events that would affect the click through rate.

Ultimately, StumbleUpon is proving to be a unique marketing resource that is beneficial for most businesses. Use it to your advantage to help your business succeed today!

Visit The Advanced Guide to StumbleUpon Marketing for more information.

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