Instruction for Writers


We greatly appreciate your interest in Branded Innovation and our clients. Before writing an effective piece of content, you need to first know who your audience is. Familiarize yourself with the customer avatar and always keep in mind of their needs and wants.

About Branded Innovation’s Work

  • Why is Blogging Important in Marketing?

    Blogging is highly crucial in gaining awareness for your company. It’s essentially a free service you’re giving away in order to establish some credibility. This little piece of content is just a sample of what the customer can gain from your company. Good blogging helps someone in search for answers, however, great blogging leads to an exchange of contact information. This is what Branded Innovation strives for, we want these details so we can update with new content and move on to the next step.

  • How Do Clients Benefit?

    Our goal is to persuade website visitors to become engaged leads. From there we convert into customers for our client. This is a 3 step process led very strategically.

  • What Makes Our Posts Special?

    We follow the “content sales funnel.” This method provides a clear pathway for a potential customer to commit to our company.

Editorial Criteria

  • Title

    The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a tool used to run title suggestions. Remember the 70 rule: this is the minimum rating amount and maximum number of characters.

  • Style Guide

    Our reading material is simple in comprehension and elegant in style. Please follow Hubspot Style Guidelines as an example.

  • Structure of Effective Post

    strong opening paragraph
    The hook plays a significant role in catching your reader’s attention, this determines whether they stay on your page or simply bounce. Asking questions is key from the beginning is key because it forms an immediate sense of engagement.

    additional background
    Add more relevant details regarding the topic and why it matters.

    body of the post
    This part specifically changes depending on the topic itself. We will elaborate more when the time comes.

    conclusion and questions
    Finishing the post always ends with summarizing main points so that the reader fully understands the underlying message of the post.

    social share worthy
    Each post must contain 5-9 pieces of content that is considered worthy enough for a Tweet.

  • You Must Consider the Look and Feel of the Post

    Aesthetics are just as important as the content itself. Pay attention to these items:

    short paragraphs
    Speed reading is rather popular and comes so naturally in this generation. Therefore, we must keep up with this phenomena by creating content that is short and sweet.

    make frequent use of headings and subheadings
    The use of headings and subheadings makes your content look more organized and well-thought. People trust sites that appear to be more modern and visually appealing.

    bullet points and numbered lists
    These are great for 2 reasons: functionality and visual appeal.

    Images are known to attract attention. This can be beneficial when trying to illustrate a point, that way readers have multiple explanations to learn from.

    bold and italicized text
    These features are a subtle way to retain attention and emphasize an argument.

    Quotes add credibility to your content and create a visual contrast.

  • You Must Ensure Your Content is Relevant and Trustworthy

    Citing where you got your information from is common courtesy to the authors. This is also another way to gain credibility from your audience.

  • Post Length

    Posts are between 600-800 words, unless otherwise stated.

  • Bonus Points

    If you want to go above and beyond, by all means go for it! Here are some ways in which you can do so:

    – gather visuals you think would work well throughout the article. If you can find any up to your standards, you can use canva to create one.
    – include internal links to other related posts within the same website.
    – be honest and confident when suggesting areas we should improve in.

  • Superb Example

    Let’s do an exercise, look at this example post:
    How to Use Infographics to Get Leads From Your Website

    Can you easily spot all of the points listed on our criteria? We like to think of this post as a prime example, so use this as a guide and inspiration for your next writing piece.

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