10 Ways to Build Website Credibility

10 Ways to Build Website Credibility

Website credibility is important for every business with an online presence. With high credibility, your business site will attract more traffic, has a higher conversation rate, and generates more sales. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same goes for website credibility. It’s a long-term process that requires your commitment and time. Follow these 10 tips and your website credibility will increase!

1. Make Your Website Personable

A brand is more credible when people can relate to it. Put some pictures of the company’s founder, core employees, customers, and even the building and office on your company website to show the personal side of your brand. Do not get lazy and buy stock photos, use real photos of your people!

2. Make Your Contact Information Highly Visible

List you phone number, address, and email address in the footer area of each page. If your business is unable to support phone calls, use contact forms to ensure that visitors or customers can reach you. Also, show your social media icons in a visible place if you have them.

3. Respond Quickly

Whenever you receive a message from your customers, try to reply it in 24 hours. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t want to keep your customers waiting!

4. Make Your Web Site an Asset to Your Visitors

Share valuable information and content on your website. Educate your customers about the company’s mission, issues, and projects. Provides hints, articles, podcasts, or short video clips about topics relevant to your business. For example, if you are a shoe retailer, share your thoughts on the latest trend. You customers will appreciate you!

5. Establish Yourself as an Expert

Turn your expertise into blog posts and articles that are easily assessable to your visitors. For example, if you are a nutritionist, share you insights about a balanced diet, nutrition facts, quick recipes, and etc. Besides writing for you own website, you can also write for other websites where your customers hang out. By writing and sharing your knowledge, you can establish yourself as the expert of the field. If you are lucky, you can even get a link back to your own site and boost your SEO.

6. Make It Look Professional

Your website needs to “dress to impress.” Hire professional website designers and programmers to build and maintain your site. Because technology innovation happens so quickly, you need to make sure the look and the security of your website is always update-to-date. Avoid errors of all kinds, including typos, wrong contact info, broken links, poor navigator, and etc.

7. Provide Testimonials

Like online reviews, testimonials are your selling devices. They convince your visitors why they should do business with you. Try to collect testimonials whenever appropriate and show them on your home page, checkout page, product page, and call-to-action page. Want to learn more about collecting reviews and testimonials? Read this blog post: 10 Ways to Encourage Customer Reviews Online

8. Show that You Give Back

Along with the rise of nonprofit organizations, many for-profits start to value corporate social responsibility. If you have worked with local communities or sponsored local events, show it on your website. Demonstrating your philanthropy is a great image-builder.

9. Join Organizations

Join credible organizations of your community or industry, such as Chamber of Commerce and trade association. Your membership shows people that your company is recognized by others in the same industry. Don’t forget to show your memberships online and make sure the links are working!

10. List Your Credentials

Last but not least, demonstrate your credentials online. If you are a professional, list your college degree, professional experience, certificates and the awards you have earned. If you are selling service or products, list the reviews and awards your company received.


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