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Welcome to Branded Innovation – Meet Your Team

Internet Marketing is done by people, not machines and this is where Branded Innovation stands out from the crowd. We are a team of highly qualified people who share a passion in business and online marketing. It’s our mission to help your business grow. We’re a US based business with the education and experience to help you get the job done.

Management Team

Branded Innovation CEO Doug Holt

Doug Holt, CSCS, MFS

Branded Innovation CEO Darcy Curry

Darcy Curry
Operations Manager

Branded Innovation Internet Strategist Victor Terekhovskyi

Victor Terekhovskyi
Head Internet Strategist

Branded Innovation Team Member Matt Tanguay

Matt Tanguay
Strategy Specialist

Team Member Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman
Business Development

Core Developers

Branded Innovation Programmer Umad Javed

Umad Javed, MCS
Head Programmer

Branded Innovation Project Assistant Carol Miciano

Carol Miciano
Project Assistant

Branded Innovation Project Assistant Lilibelle Enriquez

Lilibelle Enriquez
Project Assistant

Branded Innovation Team Member Billy Plantilla

Billy Plantilla
Head of Video & Mixed Media Editing

Team Member Kendrick Callao

Kendrick Callao
Head of Graphics

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Let our team help you grow your business! Our Internet Specialists can help you with your SEO and Online Marketing. We are here to help.

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