Our History

In the late 90’s, Doug Holt started his career with an Internet company while still attending college. He was quickly hired on full-time where you learned the ins and outs of online marketing. This was back during the time when you still put in a CD ROM to connect to the Internet and the phrase “you’ve got mail!” was popular.

A lot has changed since then, but the basic tenants of solid marketing leveraged online to drive ROI for a business hasn’t changed.

As an entrepreneur, Doug saw that other companies were still using tricks and techniques no longer approved by the search engine giant Google, so he grew Branded Innovation to the team we have today.

Our team is continuously educating themselves and our clients by attending industry conferences and obtaining the latest certifications and degrees in online marketing.

The world of SEO, online marketing, and social media will continuously evolve and that’s why we’re committed to being on the forefront to allow our clients results not only today, but moving into the future.

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