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At Branded Innovation, we understand you as a local business owner, because we’ve been there ourselves. We understand that owning a local business comes along with it’s fair share of uncertainty and stress. Which is why we are dedicated to decreasing your uncertainty and stress to allow you the space to do what you’re truly good at… building your business.

Today, it’s all about winning the micro-moment. Nearly a third of all Google searches now show local intent, and 76% of people who search on their smartphone visit a business within a day. Your opportunity is to engage consumers right at the moment of need by establishing that your local business location is the one that appears at the top of their search. To do so, ensure that you outperform your competitor in these searches consistently by maintaining local business listings that are accurate and optimized to successfully rank in your customer’s local pack search results.

Our team is dedicated to constantly learning the best local SEO practices to help you grow in the search engines, allowing your business to get found in front of the customers and clients you want. We use the best tools in our industry to help grow your local visibility even more.

Ensure the effectiveness of your overall marketing investment

Enhance your paid marketing with an effective Local SEO strategy that ensures after all the hard work your team does to engage consumers, you’ll successfully drive them to your local business locations. Moz Local is a tool we recommend to all of our local clients. Moz Local optimizes and distributes your listing information to the search engines, apps, sites and directories that most impact local search results — especially Google.

Moz Local is different. It does more than simply help you submit business listing data to publishers and hope that the updates complete successfully. Every aspect of Moz Local is designed to help you improve your local search performance. With best-in-class capability and value, Moz Local maximizes the marketing power of local search for your business.

Every business is different, which is why we offer a number of solutions to fit your needs. You can review all our solutions and setup an appointment to talk to one of our local marketing experts.

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