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For most businesses, having a marketing strategy on Facebook is crucial. Although every business is different, the majority of businesses have a customer base that is present on Facebook. With the sophisticated analytics we have access to, we are able to find the target audience that you WANT and market to them. Once we get them into your sales funnel we are able to take them on the customer journey of Facebook user to potential lead to a paying customer.

Because there are so many elements that go into a successful Facebook Marketing campaign, it is important to work with a team that knows the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing and have a strategy that works. From the types of images to use, to creating a offer that speaks to people, to knowing exactly who to target to ensure your ad gets in front of them. These are all crucial elements that have a major impact on the success of your ad campaign – becoming the difference between gaining qualified leads, to throwing money away.

At Branded Innovation, we understand that your Facebook Marketing campaign is an element in your overall business strategy. We don’t just get people to click over to your website, but we take any interested party through your purchasing life-cycle. We capture those who show interest to re-market to them later. We help create an email sequence for those who opt in for a lower level item, to market them a bigger ticket item down their journey. We help create landing pages that make it a no-brainer for someone to do business with you.

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