How to Increase SEO Rankings using Google Plus

How to Increase SEO Rankings using Google Plus

SEO is more than just making sure that your website is readable by web crawlers. You can boost your brand’s ranking on Google search in several ways, including by using Google Plus. Here are a few tips on how to increase SEO ranking by using Google Plus.

To begin, your brand must first create a Google Plus page. This stage is very simple and takes very little time. After creating the page, you must first optimize the meta description that is on your profile. This boils down to ensuring that the area for tagline and introduction is used consciously because Google displays the first two sentences of your tagline and introduction in the meta description that appears on search results. Since you only get 160 characters to make a lasting impact on Google search, choose relevant information about your brand and choose your initial sentences wisely. Also while working on the story and tagline section, be sure to add specific keywords that pertain to your brand and that describes your business the best. You can do this by using single or multiple keywords in your story section to ensure that you focus on what your business can do for the consumer.

Secondly, make sure your profile has all the appropriate web links that allows the page visitor to have access to all your other content online. Not only will this help increase your rank on Google search, but it will also encourage your page visitors to explore your brand and find out more information in order to further their buying journey.

Now, it is time to begin posting on your page. When you begin posting on Google Plus, ensure that the first sentence of your post has SEO specific words to make your post memorable to Google. This also pertains to relevancy, as you want to make sure that the SEO specific words that you use pertain to what your business or brand is about and what it is offering. Google treats the first sentence of your post as part of the title tag, so make sure to be thorough in creating the first sentence.

While posting it is also important to include hashtags to increase search within Google Plus. Using keywords and keyword phrases that are appropriate to your brand will enable Google Plus users to find your content, while increasing your rank on Google search.

Lastly, it is crucial that you share links to the content you post on your brand blog or website. This step is crucial because it will boost your page rank the most if done properly. A proper way to share content links is by using images that are correctly formatted for your brand website. The images can be correctly formatted by using meaningful titles and image descriptions (alt tags) and this will enable them to appear high in search rankings.

Use all these tips to ensure that your Google Plus page will help you increase SEO ranking and boost your brand. Just like many other social media platforms, if used correctly, Google Plus will add to your SEO strategy.


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