Interview with Doug Holt Part 2

Interview with Doug Holt Part 2

A Look Behind the Company: This personal Interview with Branded Innovation CEO Doug Holt will show you why Branded innovation is quickly becoming a leader in Santa Barbara SEO.

Branded Innovation

Doug HoltAs promised, this blog post contains the second part of the interview I conducted with Doug Holt regarding SEO and social media. However, what I have learned from this interview and the company goes far beyond the three questions below. Branded Innovation is more than a hard working company who strictly believes the client comes first, it is a place where every employee and intern is treated with the same utmost respect. While the questions below are incredibly informative, they do not provide the proper essence to effectively describe Branded Innovation. All the reader has to know is, when working with Branded Innovation, you will meet the definition of a great company.

With that being said, what were the rest of the questions?

Q: What are the short term and long term goals of Branded Innovation?

A: ” For our short term goals, due to the amount of clients we are currently receiving, we plan to expand Branded Innovation. But, hey, I am not complaining! Obviously, our long term goals are world domination! (followed by evil laughter). But in all seriousness, Branded Innovation plans to become recognized as an internet agency known for integrating integrity into a traditional online marketing.”

Q: In what ways does Branded Innovation stand and strive in such a competitive market?

A: “Yes, there are many companies in the field of SEO, but Branded Innovation has been able to thrive in such a competitive environment by continuously working with integrity, something most SEO companies completely lack. We are one of the few companies who regularly deliver measurable results to our clients in order for them to be aware of every step we make when it comes to their company. To us, it is not just a business deal, it is helping small business owners meet their goals. I have been a small business owner for nearly twenty years, so I understand what they are going through and what they need. Not many other companies have this type of experience. This is why our company works hard to give small business owners a kind of head start into the race of business. Another thing that sets our company apart is our willingness to learn. We know that technology, such as Google and other search engines, are changing everyday, and we know that there is still so much we can learn. By having an open mind to new information, we provide that much more value to our clients, who we view as more than just a simple pay check. Branded Innovation also prides itself in using only white hat SEO techniques, thus, never compromising great work because it would be more convenient to us. I know I have to keep this short, but I will just add one more thing. At Branded Innovation, we know every client is different and has different needs for their company. Thus, we do not believe there is just one template to help plan the SEO of a company. We make sure to customize and personalize every website we work with in order to meet the specific needs of every client. By doing all of this, at the end of the day, a client becomes less of a regular customer and more like a part of our team”.

Q: What is the fundamental part of SEO any website must have to be classified as optimized and earn a valued rank on various search engines?

A: “SEO is a very complex topic. There is no guidebook or set of rules provided that will promise complete website optimization. This is why companies like Branded Innovation exist, to make things easier for the client. Businesses make a product, and we work to get that product found by potential customers. However, there are a few things a website can do to help their optimization process. The first thing is to always follow Google guidelines. Google is a sort of policeman, making sure your website follows every rule and penalizing you when you don’t, so make sure to always follow these guidelines, also known as White Hat SEO. Another thing a website should do is focus on user experience. You want your website to be easily navigable on both phones and computers. No one wants to visit a website which loads too slowly or doesn’t load at all, so make sure your viewers are happy with how your website functions. The goal of any website is to reel customers in, so by giving the viewer a great experience, you can expect them to keep coming back. These are just simple ways to help your Google rank by using some optimization. Obviously, there is a lot more one can do to obtain a higher Google rank, but you will have to contact us to find out!”.

Well, that was the interview! Make sure to keep following us in order to view the interviews made to team leaders, Darcy Curry and Eric Lee.

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About the author:

Samantha Sanchez
Samantha Sanchez is a currently a 2nd year student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While interning for Branded Innovation, a company specializing in SEO, her interests in internet marketing have only grown.


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