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Make Local your advantage when you select the
active data location management features and
support that your business requires.

Local SEO

BI with Moz Local is different

BI with Moz Local does more than simply help you submit business listing data to publishers and hope that the updates complete successfully. Every aspect of BI with Moz Local is designed to help you improve your local search performance. With best in-class capability and value, BI maximizes the marketing power of local search for your business.

Active Location Data Management
Actively manage your location data to optimize its performance in local search.
Essential Professional Premium
Local Listings Dashboard
Manage, track, and optimize your online listings and gain key insights into their health and performance.
Enhanced Content
Increase your visibility and rankings by distributing photos, videos, hours, promotions, coupons, and more than a dozen other data fields.
Instant Directory and Aggregator Submission
BI Moz Local distributes your listing information in real time to the key directories and essential data aggregators that are the trusted listing providers to search engines, apps, and directories—which now includes Apple Maps. You don’t have to pay for all of those directories that don’t impact your rankings or results.
Real-time Update Distribution
When you update basic or enhanced listing data, BI Moz Local automatically sends out that information across the Local Search ecosystem- it’s just built-in.
Continuous Distribution and Monitoring
Moz has built industry-leading integrations with our data partners to continuously re-submit listings, monitoring their accuracy and impact on rankings.
Listing Accuracy Verification
Transparency is a Branded Innovation core value. So when you trust us with your business listing data, we not only distribute your data, we verify it with the most comprehensive accuracy tracking in the industry. At any time, you can review the accuracy of any single listing or all of them in aggregate.
Google My Business Sync
Having your data accurate on Google is essential to ranking higher in search results. BI Moz Local enables you to claim your GMB listing and sync any changes to Google My Business.
Claim and Manage Yelp Listings***
Claim Yelp listings from BI Moz Local, either individually or as a group. Once claimed, your listings can be accessed and updated by BI Moz Local.
Duplicate Detection and Closure
Since eliminating duplicates is one the most effective ways to increase local pack presence, BI Moz Local has built duplicate detection to find the duplicate and near-duplicate listings that reduce your rankings and results. Our unique duplicate closure process ensures that your data is truly corrected at the source, eliminating propagation of duplicate data to maximize SEO performance. Even if you stop using BI Moz Local, your data won’t suddenly revert to its previous state, like it can with services that merely suppress duplicates.
Listing Alerts
With listing alerts, you can proactively identify that online sources like Google are reporting the wrong phone number or hours for your store—and correct the problem—preventing potential complaints from customers,
your organization, or your client if you are an agency. Listing Alerts appear in your Activity Feed.
Distribution Reporting
Quickly assess the effectiveness of your published listings over time — for all listings or a subset. Reported metrics include Average Score, Listing Reach, and Listing Accuracy. And you can receive automated tracking PDF reports with weekly insights to see how you are making local your advantage.
Data Exporting
With BI Moz Local, you own your own data, and you can export it in CSV format.
Reputation Monitoring and Management
Monitor and manage the reputation of your business listings.
Essential Professional Premium
Review Monitoring
View the number of customer reviews and average rating for all of your listings, and see how these trend over time. Monitor the latest reviews on the most popular sites from one place.
Review Management for Google
In addition to viewing and reporting on all reviews, BI Moz Local enables you to respond to Google reviews directly. And for other review sites, our workflow provides direct links to the specific reviews on those platforms for fast action.
Performance Maximization: SEO Analytics
Improve your local marketing performance by analyzing results so you can make informed decisions based on the results you are seeing.
Essential Professional Premium
Local Traffic Analytics
See the value of local marketing by measuring traffic to your site and/or store
locator pages from search engines and directories. Dynamic searches let you slice and dice the data to see any combination of listings and easily identify top- and bottom-performing listings.
Local Customer-Actions Analytics*
Attribute impact of local marketing by tracking and analyzing customer actions, including website visits, requests for directions, clicks to call, and photo views. Use Google My Business Insights customer action data to gain insights on the customer impact of your local marketing actions. Dynamic searches let you roll up and analyze the data to see any combination of listings. Coming soon: data collected from Yelp and a variety of our data partners that support it will be included in these analytics.***
Local Ranking Analytics
Prove the impact of local marketing by tracking local pack and organic keyword performance relative to your local search competitors. Spot opportunities for improvement and listings within striking distance of ranking in the local pack. Dynamic searches allow you to see any combination of listings and identify top- and bottom-performing listings.
Organic SEO Analytics*
Advanced analytics and tools to leave no part of your SEO strategy unmanaged. With a Pro Account**, Keyword Explorer, Open Site Explorer and more, you’ll make sure the rest of your site is performing well to complement your local listings.
Success Assurance Program*
SEO expertise and support to help your enterprise brand or agency address the unique challenges of managing all of your listings.
Essential Professional Premium
Customer Success Manager*
Branded Innovation assigns a Customer Success Manager to oversee your account and provide Local SEO insights to help you achieve your search performance goals.
Listing Health Audit / Competitive Local Ranking Analysis*
Establish a baseline and measure improvement toward your local ranking goals as compared to your competitors.
Fast-start Onboarding*
Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to understand your goals and guide
you through the onboarding process to establish that you are set up for success.
Integrate BI Moz Local with your enterprise or agency internal systems.
Essential Professional Premium
BI Moz Local API
To support large enterprise brands and agencies that require real-time integration into their key business partners’ systems, BI Moz Local provides a comprehensive REST-based API for:

  • Local Listings
  • Reviews
  • Traffic
  • Rankings


*Minimum of 100 listings
**Multi-seat is not available for BI Moz Local.
***Available Spring 2017

BI Moz Local packages at a glance

The BI Moz Local Advantage: Active Location Data Management


Small- or Medium-Sized Businesses

Single to dozens of business listings

A self-service active location data management and review monitoring solution in one place, designed to improve Local SEO performance.

Active Location Data Management

  • NEW Google My Business Sync
  • NEW Partner: Apple Maps

Reputation Monitoring and Management

  • NEW Google Reviews and Replies


Medium-Sized or Growing Businesses

Hundreds to thousands of business listings

A comprehensive offering that includes the Essential features PLUS Local SEO analytics and SEO expertise and support to help address the unique challenges of managing listings at scale.

Active Location Data Management

  • NEW Listing Alerts

Reputation Monitoring and Management

Success Assurance Program*

Local SEO Analytics

  • NEW Google My Business Insights Customer Actions


Enterprise Businesses

Hundreds to thousands of business listings

A full-featured package for businesses that have the highest level of Enterprise need. Includes the Professional features PLUS Comprehensive Local SEO analytics and API access for custom integration with Enterprise systems.

Active Location Data Management

Reputation Monitoring and Management

Success Assurance Program*

Local SEO Analytics

  • NEW Google My Business Insights Customer Actions

Full SEO Research and Analytics*

  • NEW Moz Pro
  • NEW Keyword Explorer
  • NEW Open Site Explorer

API Integration

*Minimum of 100 listings
*Minimum of 100 listings

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