Online Video: The New Face of Content Marketing

Online Video: The New Face of Content Marketing

Imagine yourself five to ten years into the future. Would you be reading this blog post or watching it?

Online video is continually rising among the ranks of different marketing tactics and, by 2017, Cisco predicted that video will eventually account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. More than half of companies are already implementing videos as their main source of content marketing. Online videos’ domination among marketing strategies is continuing to influence more and more companies.

Why Videos?

Video is peerless. YouTube receives more than a billion different visitors every month, the most of any channel besides Facebook. Videos are naturally engaging as they are easy to digest by their viewers. In contrast, excessive reading materials and text are a complete turn-off and viewers tend to ignore or bounce away from these marketing resources. Forrester’s researchers stated that: if a picture paints 1,000 words, then one minute of video paints 1.8 million words.

Three Questions to Ask

These days, advanced technology and lower product costs have made it possible for small business to create their own marketing videos. Applications, such as Vine and Youtube, allow small businesses to publish their videos and attract specific niche audiences. No matter what platform you choose, ask the following three questions to improve your video marketing effectiveness:

1. Do you have a specific audience?
When creating videos, you have to target a specific audience, just like you would when you post social media updates.

2. Is your video marketing mobile friendly?
Make sure that your videos are mobile optimized, so people on-the-go have the ability to check out your video. According to Ooyala, 1/10 of all videos are watched through mobile and tablet devices and these numbers continue to increase.

3. Are you videos interesting enough?
Lastly, make sure that your videos and the marketing campaign around them are creative. If you don’t enjoy watching your own videos, why would others? Take your time and make your ideas interesting first before jumping right into shooting your videos.




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