Small Business

  • Internet Essentials
  • On-Page Reporting
  • Social Media Set-up
  • Citation Repair
  • SEO Foundation

Small Business +

  • Local SEO
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Set-up
  • Citation Repair
  • SEO Foundation

Medium Business

  • Online Marketing
  • Web 2.0 Management
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Online Training

Growth Phase

  • Full-Time Specialist
  • SEO Software
  • Full-Service Online Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Customized Plans

  Small Business Small Business + Medium Business Growth Phase
Cost $680 $1700 $5000 $14000
Target Hours Worked Each Month 6 22 66 200
Keywords Tracked Each Month 40 100 200 300
Monthly Reporting (sample report)
  • Weekly Reporting

Monitor Traffic Data
  • Traffic from Organic Search
  • URLs Receiving Entrances Via Search
  • Non-Paid Keywords Sending Search Visits
  • Universal Placements

Keyword Rankings
  • Keyword Rankings for Tracked Keywords
  • Performance of Tracked Keywords that Sent Visits
  • Tracked Keywords Compared to Competitors
  • Untracked Keywords that Sent Organic Search Visits

Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis
  • Check Search Engine Rankings for Keyword and URL over Time

Competitive Link Analysis
  • Track up to 3 competitors
  • Followed Backlinks
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Top Pages
  • Anchor Text Phrases

On Page Optimization
  • Report Cards
  • On-Page Grades by Keyword Ranking
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Optimize Page Content for Keywords
  • Page title copy-writing
  • H1-H4 tag optimization for website
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Meta tag optimization & copy-writing

Crawl Diagnostics
  • Duplicate Page Content
  • Title Missing or Empty
  • 5XX (Server Error)
  • 4XX (Client Error)
  • Title Elements Too Long
  • Temporary Redirects
  • Search Engine Blocked by robots.txt
  • Missing Meta Description Tags
  • Duplicate Page Titles
  • Title Elements Too Short
  • Meta Refresh
  • Overly Dynamic URLs
  • Long Urls

Analyze Your Link Metrics
Analyze Social Engagements (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)
  • Traffic from Social
  • Social Traffic History
  • Traffic Breakdown by Social Network
  • Followers
  • Most Engaging Posts & Tweets
  • Fans
  • Interactions

Analyze Page Issues (manually per month) 2 10 30 100
Domain Authority: You vs. Your Competitors
Links Profile
  • Total Links
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Visits from Referring Links
  • Total External Inbound Links
  • Link Anchor Text
  • Top External Inbound Links from Current Index
  • Top Pages by Page Authority from Current Index
  • Link Opportunities Top Mentions without Links
  • Compare Your Link Metrics to Your Competitors

Domain Authority Monitoring
  • Mentions without Links
  • Mentions of Your Industry
  • Mentions of Your Brand

Brand Management Monitoring
  • Brand Mentions
  • Brand Traffic
  • Branded Keywords that send visits from organic search
  • Mentions of Your Brand
  • Web Mentions vs. Competitors
  • Industry Trends

Competitor Analysis 3 3 20 50
Advanced Website Link Analysis (per month) 1 2 3 5
Advanced Twitter Tracking and Analysis    
Link Acquisition
Resolve Broad Crawl Issues
  • Critical Errors
  • Warnings

Ongoing Blog Publishing Support
Professional Website Copywriting  
Optimize Photography & Multimedia  
Email Marketing Management
  • Newsletter Creation (per month)
  • Holiday and Promotional Email Creation


Social Media Management
  • Social Media Strategic Guidance
  • Social Media Profile Updates
  • LinkedIn Business Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Facebook Business Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Twitter Business Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Google+ Business Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Facebook Business Page Tracking (Fans, Likes, and Traffic)
  • Twitter Business Page Tracking (Fans, Likes, and Traffic)
  • Pinterest Business Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Youtube or Vimeo Busines Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Web 2.0 Creation (100 Listings)
  • Contest Creation
  • Online Reviews
  • Brand Mentions

PPC Management
  • Manage AdWords Campaigns
  • Customized PPC Reports Monthly
Installation of Bing and Google Analytics
Analytics Monitoring  
Configure Bing and Google Webmaster Tools
Create and Submit XML Sitemap to Bing and Google
Create and Submit Video Sitemap to Bing and Google  
Press Release Submission per Month   1 2
Complete Website Audit      
Business Directory Submission (General/Niche)
Video Optimization    
Setup Google Authorship  
Duplicate Content Removal
Guest Blogging  
Infographic Design    
Job Listing Creation    
  • Online
  • Onsite

Site Speed Optimization/Performance Metrics
Other Services Available*

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