Security Matters


At Branded Innovation, we take the security of your business and website very seriously. For all of our clients, we include additional measures of security to ensure the protection of their business. With so many people using the internet it is crucial to take extra precautions to avoid any unforeseen harm. So do not fear, your business couldn’t be in safer hands!

We include increased security features on all the websites we build for our clients. This prevents the loss of data and maintains the integrity of your website. Keep the hackers at bay and your data safely out of the hands of those wishing you harm.

We’ll help you by:

1. Monthly backups of your website

2. Keeping platforms and scripts up-to-date

3. Installing additional security plugins

4. Locking down directory and file permissions

Schedule a consultation today with one of our Internet Strategists to see how we can help you keep your website up to snuff against those trying to do you harm.

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