Technical on Twitter: Learn the Basics of Twitter and How to Use them for Your Business (Part 2)

Technical on Twitter: Learn the Basics of Twitter and How to Use them for Your Business (Part 2)

In part one of Technical on Twitter, we learned the basics behind Twitter. Now that you know all about hashtags and mentions, it is time to put them to the use!
In what ways can we optimize Twitter in order to benefit our page and increase followers?

Engage the Reader:

Remember the saying your teachers used for essays, the “attention grabber”? Well, today we come to tell you that repeated phrase can finally be put to good use! On Twitter, you just have 140 characters to catch the readers attention and interest them in following your page. Use interesting, new, exciting, and unique content that will leave viewers wanting more! Not only will this help you gain followers, but it is a way of connecting with your viewers on a more personal basis; you can even include visual imagery like photos, links, and videos.

A Little Goes a Long Way:
In this day aKeep Upnd age, people want things done fast and efficiently. Because Twitter is largely used through mobile devices, users are not going to be interested in paragraphs. Use the 140 characters simply. State your purpose, make it funny, make it worth the viewers time. A recent study from Buddy Media has even revealed Tweets usually shorter than 100 characters receive a 17% higher rate of engagement from viewers.

Keep It Current:
On Twitter, timing is essential. In order to impact the most viewers possible, it is important to test different times and learn how many users engage at certain times. Obviously, it is also important to Tweet more than once a day in order for more viewers to be exposed to your tweets.

Keep On Tweeting:
The more you tweet, the bigger audience you meet! That being said, the ideal number of tweets on a daily basis is three to five. It has the guarantee of being viewed by more people, but still leaves them more room to think.

Follow Your Passions:
The amount of interesting content Twitter has to offer is staggering. By following the right users or companies, you have the opportunity to be exposed to your interests and use them for your company.

Keep in Contact:
By writing @reply and mentions, you have the ability to communicate with other users. Twitter has the potential to broaden your network, so take advantage of this and go contact others in our industry.

Be a Cool Kid:Twitter Profile Page
Nowadays, Twitter users have the opportunity of joining any conversation they want. How? By joining trends!

Be Number One:
A huge way to improve viewer engagement using Twitter is to host a creative contest or sweepstake. Not only will this increase your followers, but it will also make your brand become known on a larger scale.

Twitter as a social media platform is still growing, so while it is, make sure to work hard now to get better results tomorrow. By optimizing your Twitter page successfully, you are able to expand your network and audience. Join us later this week, as we continue to teach you the proper methods behind Twitter optimization.

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