The Guide to Becoming a Content Marketing Guru

The Guide to Becoming a Content Marketing Guru

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “great content is key.” As important as this is, many companies undermine the potential expansion of their ingenious content ideas by forgetting one important content creation step: marketing.

This sounds obvious, as the underlying purpose of many companies initial content is to implicitly market a brand, design or idea. However, without thoughtfully designing and structuring the content to its purpose and target audience, it is easy for your ideas to become lost in the ocean of online material.

That’s where this guide comes in. It presents of 12 content structures to choose from including book reviews, how to, interview and case study. You simply have to choose which one best applies to your intention. To access the templates, click here.

However, before you do, here are 3 ways to market common content prototypes to make them stand out to any interested consumer:

1. Lists- Make sure to include a number in your title! Numbers that don’t end in “0” or “5” can often entice readers more into getting your inside knowledge.
Try reversing the list order. People won’t be able to read your list fast enough to get to the top content at number one.

2. Book Reviews- Become the New York Times of your community and decide what people should be reading. Have fun with it, this is all about helping people find things they would be interested to know!

3. Case Study- Show your audience what your company is all about and how passionate you are about your work through case studies. Exemplifying your passion and good work is always a great way to get your name out there!

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