Tips to Directing a Successful Social Media Contest

Tips to Directing a Successful Social Media Contest

If you want to increase viewer participation and enthusiasm, increase the quantity of email subscribers on your contact list, inherit new Twitter followers, receive more Facebook likes, AND implement a fun experience for your viewers, then directing a social media contest is a perfect tactic for you.

Here are some recommendations and tips to running a successful social media contest:

1. Be sure to set goals and desired results before starting a social media contest.

2. Choose the best type of contest suitable to you and your company. Usually, sweepstakes contests allow easy entry for users. For the most user engagement, photo or video contest are the way to go. Other types of contests include caption contests, quiz contests, and more.

3. Decide the duration of the contest. For a photo or video contest, stretch out contests by implementing several rounds of voting. If your company is on a tight budget, then do flash contests, which are usually one-day contests.

4. Decide on a social media platform. After you’ve chosen, stick with that specific social media platform. However, in special circumstances, you can cross-promote your social media contest on different platforms.

5. Different platforms require different images. Choose images that are specifically useful to your chosen social media platform.

6. Use the contest to target specific audiences. Make sure the reward is related to your company. For example, Apple social media contests can award the winner with a new iPad or something along those lines. Another good tactic would be to add second, third, and honorable mention prizes, so not all of your users get disappointed at the end of the contest.

7. You can promote the sharing of your contest by giving more contest entries to a user that shares your contest with others. However, your contest must be eye-catching, unique, attention grabbing, and FUN in order for users to share your contest.

8. Though it requires money, consider using paid options on social media platforms to spread the word about your contest. Content doesn’t just promote itself; you need to get the word out to people. For Twitter, hashtag your contest with a popular keyword to promote more users to enter.

9. The people who join your contest are giving you their attention. Use it. Promote your company and introduce your brand. Integrate brand messages and interesting brand information into the contest in order to keep users engaged and knowledgeable about your company. This helps lower the amount of users who opt-in the contest, then opt-out when it’s over.
10. Make your contest rules clear and heard. For example, multiple votes from the same IP address cannot count. Every contest has cheaters, so you want to prevent these people from cheating their way to a victory.

11. Research the social media platform’s rules before starting a contest. Meet legal expectations and requirements. For example, disclaim the social media platform you’re using by stating that they don’t sponsor the contest.

12. Most social media platforms use built-in options for moderation. Use these options to make sure no inappropriate images or content are posted onto your contest.

Now, are you ready to start your social media contest? If you are, get ready to enjoy the experience and reap the massive benefits associated with this marketing strategy!

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