WordPress Plugins That Will Supercharge Your Company’s Blog

WordPress Plugins That Will Supercharge Your Company’s Blog

WordPress has a variety of features that companies should learn to take advantage of. They can improve your SEO as well as help you optimize your social media presence on platforms your business is already established on.

Social Media

1) Add social media sharing buttons

Add “pin”, “tweet”, and other social sharing buttons on a bar located on the blog post webpage.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

2) Tweet old post

You can add this feature to republish old blog posts so they maintain visibility.


3) Pinterest Pin It button for images

When someone hovers over a specific image, a “pin it” icon will appear, providing them with the option to post the photo on their Pinterest feed.

goodies pinit

4) Social Content Locker

This feature allows you to lock your content, making it only accessible to visitors who choose to share your content on one of their social media accounts.

content locker

5) Facebook like to download

If Facebook likes are more important to you than readers filling out their information on a form, you can have them “like” your company Facebook page in return for an offer, such as an Ebook or guide.

facebook like-download

Search Engine Optimization

6) All in one SEO pack

This feature makes it simple for users to create pertinent headlines, keywords, tags, and other essential components to help boost your SEO.

e29ee All-In-One-SEO-Pack-Pro

7) Google XML Sitemaps

Creating a sitemap further enhances your SEO by helping search engines better index your blog. It helps web crawlers see the structure of your website more effectively.


8) Broken link checker

Broken links can damage your SEO, so this feature checks your website for them.


The various mentioned features can significantly help you optimize your use of WordPress. They give readers more of an incentive to share your content on social media while also improving your SEO. What’s not to like? For more detailed information regarding these mentioned features, check out this blog post.

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