3 Steps To Maintaining A Fresh Buyer Persona

3 Steps To Maintaining A Fresh Buyer Persona

Once your company is established and well on its way in its field, it can be easy to forget about those buyer personas you developed those so many years ago. I am sure your personas have changed since back when your business was nothing more then an idea on a white board. Although, your companies buyer personas may not have changed drastically over the years it is important to keep a fresh and open mind to your personas so that your company’s marketing is growing just as your customers continue to grow.

The first thing to consider when looking back on your buyer personas is whether or not your company has the same goal, challenges and position it did back when your buyer personas were made. If the answer is no, chances are you need to revamp the ways in which your are approaching your buyer personas, and here are the steps to keep those personas fresh:

            Step 1: Dedicate someone in your team to constantly be checking and reevaluating your personas through checking if anything has drastically changed in their environment whether it be economic, environmental, or even new legislation being passed that may change your personas needs and desires. Then consider how you need to readjust your company’s content and messaging to fit these new needs and desires.

            Step 2: Directly communicate with your customers: Developing a relationship with them over the years is essential in turning them into leads and continued consumers and thus checking in on them over the time- whether through an email survey, personal phone call, or having a poll on your social media is greatly influential. This allows you to see the satisfaction level of your customer and in what area need improvement.

            Step 3: Lastly NEVER make assumptions about your customers and want they want. Research your cliental and get into a conversation with them so that years down the line you never have to have a moment in doubt on whether or not your marketing is targeting the audience you wish too.

In following just these three simply steps you will always stay one step ahead of your ever changing cliental. 

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