The Key Factors of Successful Content Marketing

The Key Factors of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is important because it can cause huge leaps in organic traffic growth. However, this growth isn’t achieved easily. It takes many tries and many failures to create content that can increase your traffic. There are 5 important factors that go into creating the kind of content that will pull traffic to your website.

The first key factor is understanding your audience, before you start creating content for them. This is best done by creating a buyer persona, which is a detailed depiction of your ideal customer. These personas should be very specific to help you market toward your target customer. Buyer personas help you get a better idea of exactly what content you should be creating in order to draw customers in.

The second factor is to map your content to the sales cycle. This means creating content for customers that are at each stage of the sales process. Customers who are considering buying a product are going to want different content then those who just purchased a product. There are specific types of content that appeal to customers at the awareness, evaluation, and purchase stages.

Next we have creating content. Studies show that longer content tends to turn out more traffic than shorter content. It can help you rank better on Google, get more shares on social media, and get more inbound links.

After creating the content, it has to be promoted. You should start promoting your content right after publishing, or else you may end up with little to no traffic. There are several ways to successfully promote your new content: Google AdWords campaigns, social media campaigns, and email marketing campaigns.

The last factor is measuring and analyzing your publishes content. You can do this by checking for things like which content generated the most traffic? Which had the most shares/likes/favorites? Analyzing your content in this way will help you improve future content because it allows you to find out what is working and what isn’t.

If you use these tips you will be able to create successful content that makes your traffic grow greatly.

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