The Basics of Buyer Personas

The Basics of Buyer Personas

When determining your marketing plan for your product, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the kind of person that you believe your service will attract. In marketing terms, this is called your buyer persona.

Buyer personas are insanely useful tools that can help you target multiple specific audiences as well as fulfill the needs of multiple demographics within your audience.  Not only are buyer personas essential to an effective marketing plan, they are fun to create! Follow these simple steps in order to construct your very own buyer personas.


 1) Start by creating three distinct, potential, groups of people to target.  For example: stay at home mom, account executive, middle-aged couple. Make sure that your groups are as different as possible. This allows you to reach the most people.


 2) Next, assemble a spreadsheet for each of your personas. Include as much information as possible for each one.  For example, age, gender, main goals, secondary goals, family, other products used, solutions, etc.  Remember, the more detailed your buyer personas, the more effective your message will be.


 3) Determine how you will contact your persona.  Will you use phone? Email? Social media? This should all be tailored to your specific persona.


 4) Finally, create a buyer’s journey for each persona.  A buyer’s journey is the steps an individual goes through before they ultimately buy the product. Check out the next blog post in the newsletter for more specifics on buyer’s journeys!

Congratulations! You have now successfully created your first buyer personas.  Remember, these are just the basics, the more in depth you go the more effective your message will be.  

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