4 Place To Drive Traffic Other Than Home Page

4 Place To Drive Traffic Other Than Home Page

As a marketer, you use several different methods to drive people to your brand’s website page every day. Most marketers, however, are making the mistake of directing the traffic straight to the homepage of their website. This is one of the worst options if you want to convert your traffic into buying customers. Here are some other pages that you can drive traffic towards other than your home page.

Microsite or Landing Page
If you are targeting a specific subsection of your audience through the use of segmentation, it is best to send them to a microsite or landing page specifically created for the target audience. This is an effective method when coupled with pay-per-click campaigns because when a potential customer clicks on the links, it takes them to page specifically related to what they search for and not to your homepage. This will make the potential customer feel a connection between themselves and the company/product.

Blog Post
When communicating with your clients, either through email or social media, it is best to make sure that all your links are targeted. If you want to draw their attention to a specific product release, it is best to direct your customer to a blog post that outlines the details of this product. When you get more traffic towards your blog posts, you are able to provide the visitors with more information about your brand and the products your brand offers.

Product Pages
Directing potential customers to a product page is another great option for when you are communicating with them via pay-per-click, email or social media campaigns. This especially effective if the potential customer is searching for a specific product. When you link them to exactly what they are looking for, it leads to an increase in conversion rates. It not only increases your brand’s revenue but it also helps the potential customers feel like they got what they needed from you.

Video Tutorials
If your brand has no videos to help explain the products or services you offer, that should be your first priority. When creating the video tutorials, create several targeted videos so that you can send specific potential customers to specific video tutorials. The videos you create should focus on why to buy the product and potential customers can benefit from them because they are able to get the information they need efficiently without having to dig through your website or a search engine. Video tutorials help during marketing campaigns and also help your customers understand your brand at a greater level. Once your brand has created the video tutorials, it is easy to send your potential clients to these videos.

When you only send people to the homepage of your website, they are more likely to feel lost about where to begin while navigating your site. These customers are more likely to leave the page than make a purchase, so understanding these alternatives will provide different ways to increase your site’s conversion rate.


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