4 Steps to Analyzing Your Marketing Efforts

4 Steps to Analyzing Your Marketing Efforts

You invested time researching the best online marketing practices and you’ve expelled costly resources implementing these techniques, was it all worth it? This post will show you 4 steps to monitor your online marketing efforts to show you the benefit and to see where you can improve.

1. Set Business Objectives and KPI
It is important to clearly define your company purposes and goals. Doing so will allow you to effectively divide the company into departments, like sales and marketing. After division, define key indicators of efficiency (KPI) for each department. For example, you should be analyzing the sales department based on total monthly sales and total ecommerce revenue. The result of your work should be a chart that will allow you to measure and track the success of your company.

2. Establish a Web Analytics System
There are many Web Analytics Systems to choose from. However, Google Analytics is recommended because it’s free and easy to use. After installing the program, make sure to set your goals based on the chart in step one!

3. Track Your Advertising Campaigns
To track your online campaigns, focus on PPC effectiveness, GoogleAd words effectiveness and internal mailing, banner placement, etc. Utilize marked links through URL builders to track the success of specific photos. This will allow you to tailor future messages.

4. Correctly Understand Indicators
Instead of focusing on abstract formulas like “bounce rate,” try to measure your success based on your initial goals like KPI and business objectives. Always ask yourself “what does this mean” and if you don’t reach business objectives after 2-3 answers to this question, whatever indicator you’re evaluating doesn’t play a role.

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