Content Strategies for Small Business Blogging

Content Strategies for Small Business Blogging

Unfortunately, many bloggers don’t understand the process that goes behind creating killer content. For instance, many don’t define blogging objectives. After creating the blog, the FIRST thing you should do is decide what you want to achieve with the blog. Do you want to build a brand? Or Drive sales? These are important questions that will shape your blogs future content.

 What is content strategy? Content strategy is a focused look at the life cycle of content, from creation to maintenance to retirement of the content.

Tip: Keep it between 1-2 objectives so the blog doesn’t become unfocused!

Use and Facebook Insights to get inside your blog reader’s head. Using the tool you can look up the keywords on twitter and view segments and sentiments for your keyword, which will help guide the direction of your content creation. Facebook Insights will provide you an analysis of how your Facebook company page is doing in terms of how many likes you get on certain pictures and posts. Use this information to your advantage by tailoring future content towards popular posts.

After doing this research, create a content calendar. This will help you plan and edit content for future posts. To do this, begin by making a list of all variables related to your business and blog. For instance, trends in your industry, holidays, new product launches, etc.

Manage your blog content with EditFlow for maximum results. EditFlow allows a number of your employees to review the blog posts and put in their own input so instead of having one author, you can have multiple. This will enhance your content and provide it with a variety of angles.

Finally, create content by asking yourself these important questions:

– Did you create your own work?
– Is this post practical?
– Did you edit the post?
– Is this information obvious? Or is it worth someone’s time to read?
– Would you bookmark your article?
– Would someone complain if they saw this article?

With these considerations in mind, you will be creating effective content in no time!!

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