5 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros

5 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros

Since it launched on June 28th, 2011, Google+ has easily become one of the leading social media platforms on the web. Investing your presence on Google+ can mean improved local search visibility, especially for a small to medium-sized business.

Not only that, Google+ is quickly becoming one of the most popular networks out there for businesses. Here are 5 ways you can utilize Google+ to your benefits in order to promote and market your business from experienced social media professionals.

No. 1: Increase Engagement by Closing off Google+ Comments

Martin Shervington is a Google+ marketing expert, consultant, and executive coach.

The way Google+ commenting system works is that when someone comments on a post, they will receive a notification each time someone comments on the post after them. Comments can be a powerful tool for grabbing people’s attention and through this you can use it to have the “last say” on your comment threads. This will able you to get the engagement from the right people.

Once you close off comments, you can see who has plussed the comment. You can proceed to adding those that plussed your comment into circles. Comments can be re-enabled where you can add additional messages and notify people on that thread. This is a great way to market a new idea.

No. 2: Grow your Audience by Leveraging Google+ Hovercards

Ryan Hanley is the founder of Hanley Media Lab

A larger Google+ audience can lead to more reach inside the network and create more traffic in order to gain potential customers to your business. The most effective way to grow your audience is to focus on commenting instead of creating your own posts. Google+ users have a hover card that appears when
someone scrolls over the user’s name. The existence of a hover card means that it is not necessary to create original content. The Google+ commenting strategy can build new relationships and drive traffic to your site.

Before you start engaging, enter terms relevant to your business in the search bar and the results will match your interests. After this, you can start engaging by adding valuable comments to public posts and attending Hangouts on Air. Once you’re done adding value to conversations throughout the Google+ communities, users can hover over your name and add you to their circles.

No. 3: Maximize Impact by Scheduling Google+ Posts

Ian Cleary is the founder of Razorsocial.

Once you find a lot of great content that you want to share on Google+, it is best to queue and share them at an appropriate time. Google has a free plugin called Chrome DoShare plugin that enables you to queue your content and share at it at a suitable time for your audience.

Google+ has a limitation for posting on personal profiles and in order to post your content at a scheduled time, you need to have your Chrome browser open at the same time. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with loaded content posting so this method of scheduling your contents will make sure that
your audience don’t see you as a spammer.

No. 4: Claim Authoriship of Your Content by Using Google+ Profile

Kritisi Hines is a freelance writer and author of Kikolani.

When you write content for online publications, make sure to use your Google+ profile to claim your authorship for each piece that you write. By doing so, you can see analytic data for posts that you have linked to your Google+ profile.

No. 5: Use Your Images to Take Up Significant Real Estate

Marcela de Vivo is the CEO of Gryffin.com, blogs at the Alchemy, and specializes in Google Penalty Recovery and Link Building.

Capture your audience’s attention by making images that are tall and skinny instead of allowing Google+ to grab an image from the link you’re sharing. When you go the extra mile to create visually appealing images for your content shares, you will be able to attract your intended audience to click on your content.

For more detailed information on these marketing tips, visit this blog

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