Ignoring Pinterest? Ignoring Influence

Ignoring Pinterest? Ignoring Influence

According to statistics, consumers who discover products within this social media platform spend an average of $168 during each shopping session. These consumers spend approximately twice as much they do on Facebook. Based on these numbers, one can conclude that Pinterest houses affluent influencers. Here are three reasons to prevent you from skipping Pinterest as a social network to promote your business.

1. Pinterest gives businesses an expanded reach. Let’s use Target as an example. Their pin board has achieved a 150,000 followers, which is a measly number when thinking about the influence of the Target industry. However, by reaching out to different pinners and inviting them to create their own Target products, Target has expanded their influence on Pinterest to millions. All you need is that one significant move, that one significant promotion or whatever it may be, and you have yourself an exponentially expanding audience. As stated above, consumers spend nearly twice as much on Pinterest than they do on Facebook. Inspire these consumers and success will follow.

2. If you add a promotion, such as a contest involving prizes from your company, the top Pinterest influencers will follow you. Not only do you have these influencers’ traffic edging closer and closer to your products, but you will have these influencers inspire their followers, who inspire their followers and so forth. Simply put, word-of-mouth marketing. Pinterest is home to influential evangelists. Take advantage. People will always follow the leader, so if you have a leader following you or connecting to you, this will influence their followers to follow you as well.

3. Now, let’s say tons of people get to know your product, but they don’t buy. This is where Pinterest’s word-of-mouth marketing comes to play again. A proven statistic states that 88% of people who pin a product end up buying it on Pinterest. Think of another social media network that can boast this ridiculous number. Get those pins and an average of 88% of those pinners will actually follow through.

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