LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

Compared to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn possesses a business environment that is known to be the largest network of significant, affluent individuals.

Rather than personal connections, LinkedIn connects people on a business-level and allows them to interact on one major social network. 

1. Make use of LinkedIn sponsored updates. They promote your content by putting it in the view of key influencers and decision makers on LinkedIn.

2. Make sure your LinkedIn profile provides relevant content and promotes professionalism.

3. Develop real relationships with your connections. This makes you look like a more valued connection in the LinkedIn network.

4. In discussion groups, offer value and relevant input with quality content.

5. Optimize your profile with keywords, videos, presentations, documents, pictures, and more.

6. Make sure to tag your connections in posts.

7. Since everybody is trying to provide valuable content, make sure to pinpoint your audience by participating in small, local discussion groups. If you’re not a celebrity or a famous person, these communities are the best places to start.

8. People are people, whether they work for businesses or not. Humanize your business by creating real relationships, not just connections.

9. Make your LinkedIn profile customer-centric. In other words, don’t present your profile like you are presenting your resume. Make sure to give your clients what they want to hear.

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