5 Steps to Market Your Marketing

5 Steps to Market Your Marketing

You have invested time to produce great content, have posted it on your website and have told your current customers all about it. But… it is not taking off. Follow these 5 steps to learn how to market your marketing and get your content spread to a larger audience.

1- Email to employees via internal newsletter

If you haven’t started a company newsletter, start. It is important to keep your employees in the loop each week with the changes in the company. In large companies, where there are many different people in different departments, it is necessary to keep everyone up to date on your newest products. However, you should also utilize a call-to-action asking your employees to post on their own social media networks to connect their friends to the company and increase company awareness. They most likely have friends and family who would be interested in your new product or at the very least would like to support their friend by further sharing your content!

2- News Release

There are online press release sites where you can write and post a press release about your newest product. Local newsletters, newspapers, bloggers and industry specialists often view these sites, which can lead to a huge new market this information! Additionally, including your company email within the press release will add a link back to your site and subsequently increase your company’s SEO- it’s a win-win!

3- Appearance on Local Morning Media Outlets

Contact any local radio stations, morning news stations or even high school video production classes and ask for your product to be featured. Especially if you are a local company, the community will value this effort and they will be more likely to support you!

4- Mentions from other companies

If there are complementary companies nearby or companies that are not competitors, ask them to mention your company or new product in a social media shout out in exchange for you to do the same. Such community marketing efforts shows unity and creates a positive atmosphere that promotes sales. Furthermore, local people following the other company may be intrigued by your product and start following you- the more followers, the better!

5- YouTube Demo

Create a YouTube demo about your new product that you can share on your social media sites. Video content that is funny and creative is more likely to get shared and can even turn viral- impacting a much larger audience!





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