Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns provide a wide variety of options from voting contests to interactive quizzes in order to engage with the community. Nowadays with 73% of all internet users being active on social media, it’s not a surprise that marketers are utilizing this opportunity to engage and reach to their target audience. Check out these 5 tips on how to run a successful social media campaign to avoid certain pitfalls.

Social media in itself is a digital asset that grows every year and overtime with the right strategy and tactics, it can become a huge leverage for marketing campaigns and strategy.

1. Choosing and Building the Right Campaign:Different campaigns offer different results, you can’t expect that every campaign would be the same. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish. Look for service that allows you to build campaigns that are responsive and that allows you to install campaigns anywhere. Looking good and functional on smartphones or laptop is crucial to deliver the results you’re after.

2. Action-Gating: One of Facebook change that left many marketers upset was that they no longer allows like-gating. So what do you do then? There’s the option of action-gating which you ask users to do something to get something from your brand. Action-gating allows you to gather and track the precise return on your brand’s effort when you’re hosting a promotion, giveaway, or event. Through this, everyone has access to the promotions and availability. Action-gating provide more value to your audience.

3. Get the Word Out: Promotion on campaign can bring up to 75% success. Promoting a campaign does not cost much and when you use the existing resources like website or social media platform then it can be easily done. When designing your campaign, make it have a sharing features built in in order for people to share. When they share then they have extra chances to win. Make your campaign easy for people to tell their friends.

4. Offer the Right Prize: Giving away expensive prizes is one of the mistakes many companies have made in the early days of social media campaigns. By giving away expensive prizes like XBOX or iPods, it does not necessarily exemplify their brand and majority of people that entered are probably not your targeted customers or leads. It’s best to go with offering a prize that showcases your own products, services or expertise. The value of the prize should match the level of effort it takes to enter.

5. Form Fields: Often time the go-to-entry method for many campaigns is basic forms since they’re fairly easy to enter. Many people out there are willing to share a little bit of information in order to gain something. When creating an entry form, hold back on asking too much information. When you ask for too much then people will be less willing to give. Every form should require information that is most valuable for future marketing efforts and make other fields optional.



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