Not just a Customer, But a Loyal Customer

Not just a Customer, But a Loyal Customer

When you get a new client for your business, you don’t want it to end right there. Maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship with them. Most newly formed businesses ignore this necessary task and continue to chase after new customers. You should stay in contact with existing customers and ask for regular feedback on your products or services. Be courteous and efficient. Serve them politely and brighten their day with a smile. Keep in touch with them by sending them greeting cards, sales notices, promotions, discounts, and useful information. Show them that you care.

Over time, you and your business should be able to know your customers’ personal names. Greeting customers by their actual name shows them that you actually care about who they are and that they aren’t just another customer on your list. Make them feel as if they are receiving one-on-one service.

Regular customers eventually turn into your evangelists. They spread the word to their friends and relatives regarding your company, especially if you provide them with something special (Not only the product, but also the customer service). Just like that, you have free marketers who are indirectly marketing your company for you. Referrals are the gold mine of businesses. As long as new customers are convinced about the greatness of your business, others will follow in their footsteps as well.

Once you have new customers buying your product or service, you need to continue the cycle mentioned above for all customers in the future. Continue to grow your customer database and this ‘recycling’ process will reap an exponential amount of fruits.

Remember to hold up your end of the bargain. All customers have expectations that they expect out of you and your company. Fulfill or surpass those expectations. Be honest with your customers. Remember, liars have no friends. Communicate often and effectively with your customers, especially if they are experiencing problems or have a suggestion to improve your business. Customers are the lifeblood of a company, so make sure to feed the source that makes the company run. They are just like new employees for your company. Continue to do your part and customers will continue to act as advertising agents for your company.

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