Turn Instagram Followers into Customers

Turn Instagram Followers into Customers

Utilize your Instagram as an avenue to advertising by offering exclusive content.

This will encourage them to stop and read your Instagram posts as opposed to scrolling right past them. Do this by offering products that have not been advertised on your other social media sites. This will make your Instagram users feel special and realize that following you on all of your social media outlets is the key to getting the best deals and the most of your products. Take this route by launching a product on Instagram. You can even offer half off the product to the first fifty or so customers to like the picture.

In order to attract Instagram followers in the first place, you need to get creative with your visual marketing. Show off behind the scenes of your business, out-of-the-box ways to use your products that your customers may not have thought of, and jump on current trends by utilizing fun hashtags and relating them to your company. The more creativity the better!

One way to be creative is to enlist Instagram followers and ask them to feature your product in one of their posts. This not only provides your company exposure but also makes others who follow these influencers more likely to purchase your product.

Finally, run Instagram contests. Posts fliers around your store, update your other social media sites and tell followers that you will be offering a discount or giving away a free product for enhanced customer interaction. This could be in the form of a picture contest, a winning caption idea, or even a fun way to use a particular product.

Instagram is just blowing up as an advertising platforms and is quickly becoming one of the top marketing platforms in the world. Get on the bandwagon before you’re too late and lead the industry’s creativity!



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