6 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

6 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Email marketing is useful because of its ability to reach countless customers and prospects nation and world-wide. Your brand will reap the benefits of email marketing if it’s done right but there are several crucial mistakes that you as a marketer should try to avoid

Mistake 1: Emailing Before Acquiring Permission

This is the first easy way to start off on the wrong foot with email marketing. This form of email marketing is known as spam and can lead to serious legal troubles in several countries. Do not add people to your email list without getting their permission beforehand. Try not to use collected business cards at an event as you create your email list and avoid using all the contacts you have as your starting email list.

Mistake 2: Missing on Subscribes Because of Poor Website Optimization

Is your site giving your visitors numerous opportunities to subscribe or is your subscribe form hidden somewhere on your webpage, difficult to access? This is a question you have to ask yourself about your brand’s subscription form because you have to make sure that your customers have plenty of opportunities to subscribe to your content in an easy and fast way.

Mistake 3: Neglecting to Segment Email List 

Once you’ve created an email list, it is also good to segment or categorize your list to achieve lower unsubscribe rates, higher engagement and more sales. You can segment your list by product interests, locations and different buying behaviors just to list a few.

Mistake 4: Not Engaging With Your List

This mistake is made when you don’t send emails out on a regular and often interval. You must always keep in contact with the people you want to reach. If you don’t keep regular contact, you risk alienating your brand and losing subscribers. Engagement is more than keeping contact with the client, it also involves responding to the subscriber and encouraging for them to reach out to your brand directly if need be. Things like surveys, polls and questionnaires are also ways to establish engagement from your email list and to also gain feedback about your brand through email marketing

Mistake 5: Not Using Data To Make Decisions

What works for other businesses will not necessarily work for your brand. The only sure way to succeed in email marketing is to use the data you gather to make decisions about which moves to make. There are two crucial areas to track: conversion rate of visitors to subscribers and open rate & click-through rate on differing emails.

Mistake 6: Buying/Renting An Email List

Buying email lists will backfire because the people on that list will not have given previous permission to have been included on this list. This will lead them to believe that your brand is spamming them and this will cause your brand to lose integrity.

Keep all 6 mistakes in mind as you create your email marketing strategy and your marketing campaign will be a successful one.


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