6 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Article

6 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn has opened up its publishing articles to the public and now all users are able to access their publishing platforms. Through this, users can showcase their content and improve credibility. LinkedIn is a great place to publish articles and therefore having a strategy and considering what type of content to post is where you can find success.

Writing articles on LinkedIn can send you nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. What it does best on LinkedIn is driving direct traffic to your site, so the benefits of publishing on LinkedIn are worthwhile.

Here are a few tips on how to write a successful LinkedIn article:

1. Pick a topic that the LinkedIn audience would want to read.

Your best bet is to write what you know but remember that your topic should fit in with the LinkedIn demographics. Majority of LinkedIn’s audience are professionals and that it’s still a social network where people want to engage and learn. Don’t make it seems like they are reading a gossip column or the news.

2. Post your published article one per week and be consistent.

To build the credibility, it’s important to remain consistent and post as often but not too much. A good rule of thumb is to post once-per-week.

3. Limit your words to 800

Often time on LinkedIn, people are reading articles to look for something quick and informative. Publishing on this platform is key to getting traffic, so be sure to keep your article on a minimum.

4. Internal linking is still relevant and just as important.

Build your connections and improve your content by linking out to other LinkedIn articles and other sources on the web. Internal linking are often forgotten when it comes to LinkedIn, so make sure to link to others

5. Remember to respond to comments, always.

The more you engage and interact through comments, the more likely an authority and influencers will read your articles.

6. Check up on the analytics.

You can see the success of your articles through the analytics that LinkedIn provides. You can utilize this opportunity to pay attention to which types of articles are getting the most views, comments, and social shares.

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