Marketing With Google+ Hangouts

Marketing With Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a free tool that unifies video, chats, and messenger service all in one place.

Google+ Hangouts can either be private or you can stream live to your YouTube channel by utilizing Hangouts on Air. Hangouts on Air connects to your Google+ page and links it to your YouTube channel. By streaming live to your YouTube channel, you can experience unlimited YouTube content that will allow you to optimize your stream for successful video marketing. Once you stream live, you can also use the embed codes to post your hangout session on Facebook, website, or blog post.

Google+ Hangouts are useful for hosting team meetings, consultations, coaching, and presentations. You have the ability to share an image with your audience and enforce face-to-face connection. One suggestion is to never share your desktop screen, so close down any windows you don’t want seen before starting a hangouts session.

Why is Google+ hangouts highly recommended for marketers?

Mainly, YouTube. Videos consistently rank higher in searches and Google+ Hangouts are usually on the first page of Google. In addition, rather than recording and editing your video, hangouts’ live streaming presents you with the opportunity to enforce optimized video marketing due to unlimited YouTube content. By speaking with live audiences, people can put a face on your business’ product or service, thereby, humanizing your company and increasing trust amongst your clients. Another method of utilizing Google+ Hangouts is the creation of web shows. By mentioning people live on air, you are promoting engagement among your viewers. Also, by consistently posting weekly shows, you build a more stable, consistent audience.

In order to promote a hangout, you need to establish your goal and where you want to send people. Don’t drag your audience to you; go to them. Make sure that your end users can easily access and join your hangout. About 30 minutes before you are live, make sure the lighting and camera are in good position. About 15 minutes before you are live, invite your guest into the “green room”. After you finish broadcasting, the video will be made available in a matter of minutes on your YouTube Video Manager. Add descriptions, keywords, and edit your video as you please.



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