6 Ways to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool to Improve Sales

6 Ways to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool to Improve Sales

Videos adds a new dimension to your marketing mix and when it is done properly, you can use video to add depth to your product or services to tell stories. That is why utilizing YouTube as a marketing tool can be a great asset to your business by capturing the audience through visuals. Here are 6 ways you can use YouTube for marketing.

It’s important to understand that you don’t need a viral video to see results because when you’re telling a story about your products or service, you want to focus on the engagement and not the huge number of views.

1. Be Consistent with Content Production: If you are planning on doing YouTube for marketing then it’s best to commit to this for the long term. YouTube is a social media channel and long periods of silence will have users leaving your channel. Decide how frequently you want to post, once a week or twice a week. Let your viewers know when you will be posting so they can tune in the next time you have a video up.

2. Short Videos: Keep your videos under 2 minutes in length and you will amost get 50% of all views. No one wants to sit through a long video that tells the entire history of your business and all the detail about your product or services. Use brevity when possible and know that videos under two minutes generate the most YouTube views. Videos that are often watched until the end will be given greater visibility than videos that are stopped half way through, it’s the quality of engagement that you’re looking for than the number of views.

3. Create a Branded Channel:Have a dedicated business channel where you can get more active web presence. People will find your product easier when you have your own YouTube channel. Be sure to upload a banner and your logo to make it look professional. Also, segment your videos so that viewers can better find what they’re looking for without the hassle. Organize your videos according to different playlists and different series.

4. Use Analytics: It’s important to utilize analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Look through your metrics and figure how you are doing in terms of getting viewer engagement. YouTube provide a wealthy of data for video performance so take advantage of it.

5. Use Annotations: Engage yoru audience with annotations by having little boxes that pops up as a commentary or a “please subscribe” links. How annotations work on YouTube is that it let you put text and links over your video. It’s easy to add them to your videos, just go to Video Manager and choose the video you want to edit. Another annotation is active links, you can link to another video, events, websites, or your channel. Be sure to direct your audience to subscribe to your channel so that they can be notified when you upload a new video.

6. Tricks: Use your YouTube channel as if it was a blog, be sure to tweet it, Facebook it, and blog about, As long as you are letting others know about your videos, you can still get engagement. Don’t expect to go viral and be sure to share video out on social media. YouTube is also a search engine, make sure you use the search engine opportunity to optimize a video.

There you have it, 6 ways you can use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business. Remember to be consistent and be committed to posting video content to better engage with your audience. For more information, visit this blog.

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