7 Mini-Marketing Campaigns To Help Your Brand Along

7 Mini-Marketing Campaigns To Help Your Brand Along

We, as marketers and business owners, know that work never sleeps. Every minute of our working days are comprised of some task that is working to promote the next item on our agendas. Marketing projects can range from large efforts to small campaigns. Today, we are going to focus our attention on those smaller marketing plans.

While they may not be the grandest of gestures, these smaller projects can really pack a punch, if done correctly. After all, haven’t we all heard that it’s the little things you do that matter the most?

These 7 mini-marketing campaigns are here to help you!

1. Experiment with new audiences
It is very easy to get comfortable with the buyer persona that you know your business attracts, but why not switch it up and try to attract a whole new audience? Create small, targeted efforts to certain audiences! This can prevent great insight that you may not have otherwise thought of, and also gain validation for future campaigns that would include this new target audience. All it takes is for you to get the conversation started.

2. Go big with pop-up events
Take the time to go out into the world and interact with your consumers in person! Identify locations where you believe the greatest audience for your services would be and promote your business. You will be creating a relationship with your buyers along with a great impression for your business. Aim to collect contact information from those that you meet and follow up with them after your meeting. This will show genuine interest in your audience which will cause them to spread the word about you!

3. Sponsor Conversations
Take advantage of the digital word by sponsoring conversations, or in other words, generating dialogue amongst people about general topics that relate to your marketing efforts. By getting the conversation started about topics that have some connection to your business, you will be getting your name out to an audience without directly selling your services. It is all about creating product awareness!

4. Attach yourself to large events
This tends to be the most costly method of marketing your brand, while simultaneously having potential to be one of the most effective methods. By attaching your name to events, whether they be national or local, you are opening to door to connections that can help make your business boom. All it takes is being discovered by the right person at the right time, so why not increase those odds by making you brand as visible as possible?

5. Emphasize ‘earned’ media
Your most cost-effective and instant method of marketing are, of course, through your business’ social media channels. You can use your Facebook and Twitter pages to highlight your latest achievements, this way you are complimenting your larger marketing efforts even after they have run their course.

6. Try a new format
Brainstorming innovative ways to market your product is a quick and short way to produce results. The best time to do this is in an environment where users are the most engaged. The great their engagement level is, the more likely consumers will be inclined to pay attention to you and what you campaigns are presenting.

7. Revisit old leads
Finally, you can go back to basics by reaching out to those who have already expressed interest or invested in your services. This is a great way to regenerate interest in your business while building a strong clientele.


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