10 Ways To Promote An Event Via Social Media

10 Ways To Promote An Event Via Social Media

Social media can be a very powerful tool to promote your event. Find out creative ways to effectively engage and drive people to your event today.

Event marketing is a great way to generate leads and drive brand awareness to your business. Here are 10 creative ways to effectively get people to your event today:

1. Create a Video People Will Share

Events take place in person, so they are able to engage the senses in ways online content just isn’t able to. Creating a video with great visuals and sounds will not only highlight your event in a positive light, but also make your event sharable.

2. Give Away Tickets to Create Buzz

Nothing excites people more than the opportunity to win something for free. By promoting the give-away of a ticket or two to your event, people will be more inclined to share their excitement with others about the prize—and more importantly the event.

3. Socialize Your Google Ads

If you use Google AdWords to promote your event, you can add social proof to your paid Google ads. By social proof, we mean you can display how many people are involved in your event (how many people +1’d your Google+ Page, etc), which can substantially increase its credibility. Find out how to add social proof to your Google ads now.

4. Interview Speakers for Special Content

You can create great content that is valuable by simply interviewing your speakers. This works great if you have a podcast. Take this opportunity to highlight your speakers and if viewers would like to know more, mention that they can meet the speaker live at your event.

5. Create a “Group Tips” Blog Post

You can even create great content from your speakers through blog posts. Get an insider’s perspective of their favorite tips, tools, or perspectives on a specific topic and create a short writeup to be accessible to the public. Tip: Take these opportunities to mention your event you’re promoting.

6. Create a Special Graphic for Your Speakers

Creating a graphic design for your speakers encourages them to place these on their own blogs, Facebook updates, and more.

7. Create a Tweet for Attendees

Invite people to share their attendance to the event by creating a customized tweet to be sent when people register.

8. Add a Twitter Widget to Your Event Page

Take advantage of people talking about your event on Twitter by including a widget that compiles all the tweets for you.

9. Create an Event on Facebook

A Facebook event listing is a simple yet effective way for attendees to share your event with their friends. Enhance the benefits of using a Facebook event page by using it as a channel for asking questions—providing an alternative means of customer service. Encourage attendees to visit your Facebook event page by providing useful information, such as directions and parking.

10. Utilize Facebook’s FBX Ad Targeting

Facebook allows advertisers to remarket to people who have visited specific non-Facebook Pages using FBX ad targeting. That means you can show event ads to Facebook users who visited your event page but did not purchase, providing you more opportunity to entice potential attendees.

Social media is a great way to reach potential attendees to your event. It’s important to utilize all the opportunities social media has to offer. Give people some valuable insider information. Give people something to share. If you can get attendees to share information for you, you’ve effectively expanded your event marketing reach. In the end, if you get people to want to go to your event, your event will essentially market itself.


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