Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy For 2015

Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy For 2015

The year is coming to an end, and it’s time to start planning your email marketing strategy for 2015. It’s important to start early to create the best possible email marketing strategy. We’ll take a look at some of the key factors to consider when preparing your email marketing campaign for the new year.

In order to achieve success, you need to determine what success is to you. Evaluate your strengths, your weaknesses, and your email marketing plan from the past year. Gather what you were able to accomplish, then set new goals or milestones to achieve for the coming year.

Once you determine what your goals are for your email marketing campaign, develop a strategy to achieve and exceed those goals. Some important metrics to observe are list size, click-through rate, rate of email opens, and landing page conversion rate. Improving upon these metrics can serve as a solid foundation to your list of goals for next year’s email marketing campaign.

Now, we’ll examine some email marketing tips that will put you ahead of the pack in 2015:

Create Mobile-Friendly Emails
More people are using mobile devices over desktops to check their emails, and this trend will continue upwards into the new year. There are instances where emails can look funky when seen on a mobile device. This can cause frustration among viewers, so it is imperative that you are sending mobile-friendly emails. Implement a responsive design for your site, which creates sites that are desktop and mobile-friendly by automatically resizing and optimizing the content for any given display.

Implement Email Drip Campaigns
There are numerous automation tools at your disposal, so make the most of them and set up an email drip campaign. In an email drip campaign, pre-set messages are sent out automatically at strategic times to prospective customers and leads. An effective email drip campaign will improve lead generation, convert more prospects into leads, and serves as an efficient method of engaging and nurturing prospective customers.

Customize Your Content and Personalize for Your List
Your list of contacts and emails can be segmented by microtargeting contacts into specialized groups. By doing so, you can delineate between different contacts and personalize your emails to be catered to each group of contacts. Personalizing and customizing your emails can generate upwards of 600% higher transaction rates.

Integrate Website with Shopping Cart Recovery Emails
It is not uncommon for online shoppers to frequently visit online stores and place items in their “shopping cart.” The truth is that most of the time, these shoppers will end up abandoning their cart and not purchasing any of the products that they showed interest in. Whatever the reason for the abandonment, it is imperative to have a response strategy in place. What should you do when a shopper abandons their cart and leaves your e-commerce site without having made a purchase? Or, what if the shopper visits your site often, but never commits to making a purchase? Well, you can start by implementing a shopping cart recovery, or abandoned cart, email response to encourage shoppers to return to your site. Generating triggered email responses can increase conversion rates and help you engage more frequently with your visitors.

Constantly Look to Improve Email Process
If you want to improve each of your email marketing campaigns, then you need to be constantly making improvements to your email elements. This means updating and enhancing the design of the emails, the headlines, the calls to action, the amount of emails sent, the time they are sent, and of course, the copy. Consistent improvement will lead to consistent results.


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