Tips On How To Improve Email Design

Tips On How To Improve Email Design

Did you know that an effective email design can result in customer conversions? Find out how you can improve your email design with this list of design tips from innovative startup companies.

Take one look at the emails of innovative startup companies like Lyft, Pandora, and Venmo, and you’ll notice some key differences in their email designs that set them apart from the forgettable, unwanted emails you receive from other companies. These startups share similar email designs that make them effective at not only reaching but also converting their targeted audience. Here is a list of some design tips these companies use, so you, too, can improve your own company’s email marketing.

Consider Your Logo
Your company’s logo serves a very important purpose. A logo is more than just the name of your company. Your logo is the primary point of contact with your existing and potential customers that facilitates brand recognition and brand loyalty. It is a way customers can get a generalized understanding of what your company is all about.
How? Your logo should always be visible in all email content that your company creates. Feature your logo prominently at the top of the email with little else surrounding it. You want to let your logo speak for itself.

White Space and Minimalist Designs
It’s only natural to make our emails stand out in hopes that customers will be more inclined to read them. The truth is these excessive designs can be a bit overwhelming and can actually dissuade potential customers from reading your message. People want their information quickly and easily, so appeal to them by keeping your design simple.
How? Use very large line heights between lines of texts and lots of white space, which really makes emails easier to read, and makes a huge difference especially on small mobile device screens.

Big Buttons
Another way to keep your emails simple is by replacing long, indecipherable links with engaging, easy-to-read buttons. It unclutters your email message while adding a new, useful tool your customers can interact with.
How? Focus your email content on one particular message with one main call-to-action button at the bottom, making your emails concise with a natural flow that informs and provides an easy way for customers to act.

Custom Fonts
Some fonts are more common than others. Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica are the most widely used fonts by big companies. They are used because they are deemed safe. The problem with safe is that your email runs the risk of looking like any other email sent to your customers, and may potentially lead to them being ignored. Find out what unique font works best. It’s easy to do and can benefit your email marketing a great deal by enhancing your own brand image.
How? Experiment with different fonts. You can even try using a combination of fonts in a single email message. Don’t know where to start? Try fonts like Gotham, Proxima-Nova, Helvetica Neue, and Sans-Serif.

These are but a few of the design innovations implemented by successful startup companies. Take note of these new trends. Each design has a purpose in enhancing the email conversion process. Whether it’s focusing on keeping things simple for your customers, or enhancing your company’s brand image, make sure the changes you make serve a purpose. In the end, the ultimate goal is to convert your email recipients. Improve your email conversions now by understanding which email designs work best for your company and implement them into your own email marketing.


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