Best Event Marketing Tips For 2015

Best Event Marketing Tips For 2015

With the coming of the internet and social media, event marketing evolved. The days of creating flyers and posters are not completely gone, but there are other avenues to take when implementing an event marketing campaign for your brand’s event. We’ll dive into some of the best event marketing tips for the new year.

Event marketing has evolved in many ways since the pre-internet age. For one thing, social media has become the forefront of event marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are all potential event marketing channels for your business. You can take advantage of inbound marketing for marketing your next event.

Inbound marketing is expected to be a huge component of online marketing in 2015. When you align the needs of your customers with your content, you can attract customers naturally. This strays away from the disruptive junk mail, the billboard ads, and the cheesy commercials. By implementing inbound marketing strategies, you can tailor your content to appeal to the right customers. We’ll showcase how to partner your event marketing campaign using inbound marketing.

When developing an event marketing strategy, it is important to have as many things prepared beforehand as possible. You can create blog posts, templates for social media posts, and buyer personas. Preparing these elements of your marketing campaign can save you a tremendous amount of time in the long run. Perhaps one of the most important components of inbound marketing and event marketing is creating various buyer personas.

Your buyer personas will be important for determining who it is that you want to attend your event. In order to generate your buyer personas, you must define characteristics of your potential event attendees. Remember to create buyer personas based off of characteristics that are common among those that are genuinely interested in your brand and your event. These people will be your future customers. Once you determine your buyer personas, you can customize and personalize your content to be tailored to the right people.

During the event, it is important to generate buzz before, during, and after the event. Ask attendees to use a branded hashtag for the event, and ask them to talk about the event over social media. Post to social media often, and engage with attendees.

After the event, it’s important to keep the excitement of the event fresh in everyone’s mind. Write up a summary or narrative that details the event. Engage with those who attended the event and follow-up with attendees. It’s also important to post photos and video recaps of the event for those who missed the event.


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