Guest Blogging Still Alive and Kicking!

Recently, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam Team has mentioned how Guest Posting is now seen as spammy, low quality content. While the rest of the SEO and digital marketing world is busy discussing about what the new guidelines should be for a guest post, we at Branded Innovation are calm and collected.


Because we don’t view guest posting as just a link-building tactic, we see this as a chance to connect and provide value for readers.

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Google Down, What Now?

Last Friday 1/24/2014, Google services went down for a brief period of time. You’d be surprised by the outrage this caused for thousands of people around the world. While the service downtime only lasted 50 minutes, can you imagine what would be happening right now if services such as Gmail, Google+, and Google Docs were still down today?

Twitter blew up with #Googledown and Yahoo! even tweeted a picture of what Gmail’s temporary error page looked like. Interestingly enough, Google’s very own Site Reliability Engineering Team (SRE) was doing their annual AmA on Reddit. Jokes about “the guy” tripping over the cable that controlled all of the services were all over the thread. It’s funny how it turns out that they can use the same joke twice for two different threads that are a year apart.

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Make Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Work For You

Recently, many Facebook admins have seen a significant drop in their Total Reach. For pages that want to minimize ad budget, maximizing organic reach is vital for their Facebook strategy.

Before we get onto what happened and why, let’s go over some key terms that are used in Facebook’s new Insight analytics.

What does it really mean when Facebook tells you “300 people saw this post”?

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