Ecommerce Tools to Increase Sales

Ecommerce Tools to Increase Sales

E-commerce tools provide benefits for companies utilizing online networks in order to communicate, promote, optimize, and execute sales. Here are some of the tools to help your web store reach its maximum potential and perform a successful e-commerce campaign for your company.

1. Google Analytics

Every business needs this tool on their webstore website. With Google Analytics, you can identify the best E-commerce strategy for your company and pinpoint where your conversion process is succeeding or struggling.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides the “Walmart” platform of email marketing. Email is still a mainstream form of communication among consumers as conversion rates are 72% higher than search and 323% higher than social media.

3. Google Adwords

Search may not have the highest conversion rates, but it still provides benefits for an effective marketing strategy. Make sure to incorporate search methods in your marketing plan in order to succeed in E-commerce.

4. Topsy

Topsy provides analytics for social media, such as influencers, trends, keywords, etc. In other words, Topsy is extremely useful for social media analytics.

5. ZenDesk

If you don’t have the budget to maintain a full-time customer support service, be sure to get ZenDesk. With this amazing tool, you will be able to immediately resolve and respond to customer issues.

6. Lucky Orange

If Google Analytics is not enough, use Lucky Orange. It is an affordable analytics tool that includes visitor ‘heat maps’, form analytics, visitor recordings, and more! Get a better understanding of your visitors’ interaction with your site.

7. SproutSocial

As an alternate to Hootsuite, SproutSocial is an excellent social media management platform. They provide exportable reports and offer a range of features that aren’t available with Hootsuite.

8. Online Conversion Insights

Know your conversion process. Online Conversion Insights allow you to research your competitors, such as their conversion rates, how many consumers shop with them, and more!

9. Wibiya

Wibiya is a bar at the bottom of the browser accessible to any site visitor. It can enforce sales promotions, increase interaction to your social media, raise the flow of traffic to your blog, provide a translation option for international visitors, and more!

10. Adroll

Adroll is perfect for retargeting. In other words, if your visitor failed to buy or didn’t buy enough, you can retarget them with this tool instead of AdWords. Find out what you’re doing wrong.

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