Establishing Personality and Engagement on a Facebook Page

Establishing Personality and Engagement on a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is one of the best marketing tools that your business can have in its arsenal. Knowing how to establish personality and engagement on your company’s page can take it’s marketing power to a whole new level. Many companies make the mistake of treating their Facebook as a billboard and have neglected Facebook’s initial goal, community and connection. Here are seven tips on how to foster community and connection while establishing personality and engagement on your company’s Facebook page.

1. Start with your company’s database.

Use your company’s customer list to build an initial Facebook page following. Begin by appealing to your current, loyal customers or past customers, and let them know that you value their support on your Facebook page. By using your company’s compiled list, you shorten the initial follower search.

2. Sharing is important.

Getting your followers to share the material on your page will ensure that people are exposed to what your company offers. So begin by giving them a reason to share your page. The Pew Research Center found that the average Facebook user has 338 friends, and if one follower shares your page then you would reach around 338 people that you would never have had access to. As you get more shares, your numbers grow. Adversely, your company has to be careful to not sure too much information about the company on the Facebook page. Make sure the content on the page centers around your customer and things that they find interesting.

3. Initiate discussions.

You can easily initiate conversation with your followers by simply asking questions and for feedback. This makes it easier for the followers to participate and show their opinions on things related to your business. The interaction shouldn’t end at the customer’s response. Take it a step further by showing gratitude for your followers opinion and making sure that you implement the input into your company’s plan.

4. Share stories about your staff.

Sharing staff stories helps a company create a brand personality. Customers find importance in knowing what happens behind the scenes. Your Facebook page can be used to share funny things that happen in the office or staff bios that include things such as passions, likes and dislikes. Sharing these stories shows that your company values the staff’s personal lives and gives your company an edge over all other business’s that use their Facebook page as a billboard.

5. Use games or contests to create engagement.

To get started on creating a game you can work with the Facebook Games Developer tool. If games are too difficult to create, another way to foster engagement is through the use of contests. You can create fun contents with prizes for the winner. Both games and contests provide incentive for followers to participate on your company’s Facebook page.

6. Learn Facebook engagement tips.

According to statistics compiled by Quicksprout:

  • Creating posts with 80 characters or less will increase your page’s interaction by 23%
  • Engagement can be increased by 100% by asking questions
  • Use of emoticons increase interaction by 33%
  • Rates of engagement are 18% higher on Thursday and Fridays in comparison to the rest of the week and are 32% higher on weekends

Implement these tips into your company’s daily plan and the engagement on your Facebook page will increase significantly over time

7. Call-to-actions are important.

Post content on your page with a call to action. This can be done by asking your followers to “like” a status if they agree with it or to comment with an opinion. Putting this call to action makes it more likely that your Facebook fans will interact with your page.


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