Third-Party Tools for Twitter

Third-Party Tools for Twitter

Twitter has a huge steam of data that is constantly updated every second. In a day, there are about 55 million tweets and it can be difficult to stay on top of the rapidly constant stream of data. Using third party tools for Twitter can help organize and effectively manage multiple Twitter profiles or just one profile. With third-party tools, you can schedule tweets to go out at a later date and time while also being able to measure your Twitter analytics. Check out these apps that are the best for Twitter management.

HootSuite: The great thing about HootSuite is that it can gather features of different Twitter apps and offer them in a simple Web interface. HootSuite can help manage multiple Twitter accounts and let more than one person manage one account. This is great for a busy workplace and if one person is too busy to be able to manage HootSuite, someone else can use HootSuite and continue to effectively manage Twitter profiles. Through HootSuite, you can schedule tweets to out at a later time and find out how many people clicked the links you included using HootSuite personal URL shortener.

TweetDeck: This app is great for anyone who is getting started with Twitter. You’re able to update Facebook status from Tweetdeck and can find Facebook apps that let you feed all your tweets into your Facebook status. Also, it allows you to connect to multiple other social networks and can connect you with your contacts throughout social media. TweetDeck gives you the option of adding your top ten hashtags to your message. Overall, TweetDeck provides groups, URL shorteners, Facebook status updates, multiple social network support, hashtag support, and user column search.

CoTweet: Similar to HootSuite and TweetDeck, you can update Twitter and multiple social networks from your desktop or website through CoTweet. Although CoTweet works more heavily on corporate area and if you have a business where you need multiple people to manage an account for tracking all communication then CoTweet is the app for you.

A few useful things you can do is monitor keywords and trends while assigning updates for employees to follow up. CoTweet also have conversation threating that enables you to view all your team’s responses to specific topic on Twitter and with integration, you can track and monitor your URLs. With this app, you can update your Twitter account from a website other than the main Twitter site. lets you post 140 character message and send them to more than 38 different social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress.



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