Everything You Ever wanted – In A Whole New Bar!

Everything You Ever wanted – In A Whole New Bar!

If you have not noticed, the MozBar has been updated!



For some time now, inbound marketers and small business owners have taken advantage of all this detailed browser extension has to offer. Not only does it offer the use of Moz’s link metrics and site analysis tools directly on your page, but it is completely free! This new version of the MozBar browser extension currently available to Chrome users.

Created to save time for all marketers out there, the MozBar was built in 2008, designed to solve three main problems:

  1. SERP Analysis: The SERP analysis gives marketers the ability to analyze Search Engine Results for a specific keyword. In addition, SERP analysis gives you advice to get higher website rankings. Building a solid SEO strategy has never been easier or more convenient.
  2. Site/Competitor Research: This term is pretty self explanatory. The MozBar has always given the regular marketer incredibly useful data about competitors in their industry. You can view their links, keywords, and other SEO information which will show you where you stand among the competition.
  3. Link Profile Analysis: With the MozBar, you are able to see how many links are directed to different websites. Included in this analysis are the total number of links, link quality, and the amount of linking domains. This tool not only ensures you get to know the websites of clients or competitors a bit more, but it also helps you make a better SEO strategy for your customers!

Say Hello to These New Features!

Save time by having a quick but reliable SERP analysis on Google search engine!




Personalize your search results by making profiles for specific regions and cities! Yep, they thought of everything! What does this let you do? Well, instead of having to change your search query for a different location, just change it on the MozBar!




Quickly export the website analysis ( SERP) into a CVS file!
This includes : Page Title, Description, URl, detailed link metrics.



On the Go

Moz on the Go! Easily view Moz authority and search metrics located right next to every search result!



Get on-page analysis, structured data and markup detection! This is SEO heaven!

Link Metrics

But wait, there is more!

Inbound links, domain and sub-domain comparisons are your fingertips!

Link Metrics

Link Metrics


Get the MozBar at no cost! MozBar includes data regarding website domain authority, as well as link and subdomain metrics.



Followed and Unfollowed


In a few seconds, you will know the followed and unfollowed links without even having to see the source code.




Social Media


Moz did the job right! By using numerous customer reviews and recommendations, their new design and reliability will meet all your company’s expectations!

In addition to the other features, MozBar also includes information about three social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!


Recount the journey of MozBar since 2008!
The FireFox version will be available in about a week. Remember that great things comes to those who wait.


Moz Pro

Make it Pro and get more facts!
With MozBar pro, you will get the advantage of viewing keyword difficulty directly in the search query!



Go to Moz.com, and get your new MozBar today!

Version 3

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