Goodbye Google+ Local – Introducing GoogleMyBusiness

Goodbye Google+ Local – Introducing GoogleMyBusiness

Even though small business week was a month ago, new tools are constantly being made to help your business grow. Google has recently launched Google My Business, a free and incredibly simple way to connect with and help your customer base grow.

Google My Business

What are the changes that can be expected?

*Your Business Will Now Be Easier to Find:
With Google My Business, you can expect the details of your business to appear on Google search, maps, and even on Google Plus. Clients will now have the ability to find you just when they need you, get precise driving directions to your office, instantly know your hours of operation, and be given a phone number for further contact. Because Google Plus is a platform which connects to the the largest segments of the internet, you can expect to gain more potential customers through Google My Business. With this new application process, customers will be able to find you, no matter what, and that is exactly what your business needs.

*Communication Has Never Been Simpler:
We all know that a personal connection with your clients is a driving feature of brand expansion, with Google My Business, you can expect to build a loyal fan base by personally interacting with clients on a personal basis. With Google My Business, customers are able to write and show their reviews, click your +1 button to endorse a comment, and reshare Google Plus posts throughout most of the web.

However, to take advantage of everything Google My Business has to offer, there are some things your page could improve upon for better results:

*Make sure your Business Information is Consistent:
In order to make Google My Business work for you, update all the information about your business as soon as it is needed. The more consistent information on your page, the more credibility you earn in the eyes of Google.

*Be Unique:
Because the majority of social media has become images, having visually appealing and original pictures is essential. In addition, pictures around the office show customers who they are working with and the personal side of your business. Help your business or brand stand out with personalized and captivating images.

*Strengthen the Connection:
By continually interacting with your fanbase through shared news, events and important updates from your Google Plus page, your business will show your clients the value you bring to them. Remember that familiar brand names will always be chosen over unknown company names. A little interaction goes a long way in the form of leads.

*Check Your Page Regularly:
Instead of just simply scheduling your Google Plus posts for the week, make sure to frequently check your page for consumer interaction of any sort. By staying on top of customer reviews from around the web, as well as responding to Google reviews, you will become a leader in your specific industry. Regardless, by treating every review as personal feedback, you will not only improve your business, but will also show that your business ethics stand above the rest.

*Know Consumer Interaction Like the Back of your Hand:
By using custom insights, as well as integration with AdWords Express, you will actually understand how your potential clients usually interact. Use this as another way of finding out how to appeal to potential customers.

Mobile Magic*Mobile Magic:
Even today, the mobile revolution is not yet thought of as a fundamental aspect of marketing. However, with Google My Business app for android, you will have the power to manage every bit of your information wherever you go.


At the end of the day, what does this new tool teach us?

Google is catching up! For awhile now, Facebook has been looking to connect all their forms of communication, but Google Plus beat them to it! By staying ahead of the game, Google Plus is once again catching the eye of small business owner eveytwhere.

With this new feature, managers can now post content, track analytics, respond to customers, even being able to launch Google hangout!


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