Going for Gold with Google Plus: Learn What Google Plus Can Do For You (Part 2)

Going for Gold with Google Plus: Learn What Google Plus Can Do For You (Part 2)

Last time Mastering Social Media Tips by Branded Innovation brought you the basics of Google Plus. Well, part two finishes explaining those basic applications and how you can effectively use them to reel in clients.

Always include visuals in content sharing!
Social media sites have changed. Now, you can expect most social media sites to be at least 80% visual and based on images or videos. Thus, make sure to always include relevant and interesting pictures to every one of your posted updates. Google Plus shows content in multi column design which adapts visual presentation on screen size and orientation. Because Google plus is all about making content around people, every image used must be relevant. Relevant means having your content be about a person, object, or situation which leads directly back to your post. Also, keep in mind every person which encounters your page, and people in general, have distinct sets of interests and desires, so change up your content in order to appeal to a larger audience.

In order to personalize your page efficiently, follow these steps:

First, lets look at the benefits of a Google Plus Page
By opening up a Google plus page in the first place, you are guaranteeing the network of your company will expand. With this page, you actually claim more real estate on Google search results since every Google account is synced. These search engine results are optimized to reflect the profile information you are in control of. That is why we keep telling you the importance of a professional Google plus page. When you edit your profile under the tagline section of the about page part, you can improve what appears on google search results about your company.

Now, with that information, lets get to work

Set up Google Authorship
Google AuthorshipGoogle Authorship is a must have feature. Google Authorship is a way to make Google search results connect with you not only from a blogs text, but allows you to gain firsthand credit and directs you as the author of the blogs. In simpler terms, it links your name and byline on blogs to your Google plus personal profile, which will ultimately give you a higher rank on Google search engines.

What other benefits does Google Authorship have to offer?
Well, glad you asked! Not only does it bring people back to your page, but authorship also improves the clickthrough rates of your website by standing out in search results. Since you will have a higher rank, you will be seen and ultimately clicked by more people who are interested in your product or service. As a result, your brand name will be strengthened as more and more people will recognize it. As you gain more recognition, potential customers will more than likely follow a company they somewhat recognize rather than a faceless link.

But, Google Plus not only brings in customers, it also protects your content. How? Google Authorship makes sure to establish authority in your industry for certain keywords and topics. SO, what does this mean? Well, it means that you are above your competition when those certain words and being used, which leads to aa higher rank on Google and more potential customers! It’s all a big, connected circle, which brings you back to your goal, making sales!

Link WebsitesMake sure to give your website a +1!
How do you do that? By adding a +1 button into your Google Plus Page! Google does not want to make anything super easy for you. Thus, it makes sure you don’t find out the number of shares articles receive on every social network. In addition, Google also leaves out what is trending on Twitter or Facebook, so instead of simply having the information, you have to search for it.

To somewhat make up for this, they added the +1 button, which can be viewed as the only credible test for what is currently trending among the general audience. The +1 button also mentions if any of your personal connections +1 any certain article. As a result, you are told which articles, regardless of rank, have become popular and +1d the most. It’s an easier way of being told what people want, since it uses peoples votes as deciding factors to what is relevant and what is not.

As you can see, Google Plus is a complex, yet efficient system which can bring you benefits you never thought possible. With these basic features and functions, you will slowly begin to master and excel and everything Google Plus has to offer.

Don’t forget to follow us on Google Plus at +BrandedInnovation for more Google Plus updates.

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