Google Authorship 101

Google Authorship 101

Recently, Page Rank has also been combined with Author Rank as key factors for being found in search results. Due to Google’s algorithms being continually updated, black-hat marketing no longer works anymore.

What is black-hat marketing?

For those of you who don’t know what black-hat marketing is, black-hat strategies use deception and manipulation in order to market specific products or services, such as making 100 different websites for the same company. Google Authorship started off as Agent Rank, which is a system that analyzes the expertise of authors in order to rank them properly in search result pages. This foundation evolved and updated to become Google Authorship today.

What this means for online marketing 

SEO and online marketing no longer recommends creative, relevant content, but requires it. In addition, this content needs to be written from an authoritative author. This is how Google analyzes your Author Rank and Authorship. By the way, do not get confused between these two terms. Authorship is the connection Google makes between your Google+ profile and your submitted content. Author Rank is a system that Google utilizes to rank its search results based on your author authority. Google connects your authorship with your profile by utilizing your Google+ profile. Google must verify your identity, authenticate your persona, and establish authority over your profile in order for your content to climb its search results. By correctly using these Google tools, Google can connect your background with your profile, leading to authenticated and credible content. For example, your author bio and profile photo is now extremely important. If users see the content connected with an authoritative author, your click-rate can increase by as much as 150%! All in all, Google needs to know that the content you gave was created by a human being, which means that the content must inhibit relevance and uniqueness.

By being approved through Google Authorship, it adds value to Google’s search results and, most of all, your content. Work with your SEO company to continually increase your Google Authorship and prove to the public that the content you publish is reliable and credible!

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